The North Face Pseudio Biker and Denali Jacket Knock-offs

High on my sewing list this winter has been to knock-off a couple of North Face jackets. I’ve been planning to sew the Denali jacket using Kwik Sew 3813 ever since the pattern came out.  When searching for detailed pictures of the inside of the jacket, I came across photos of the Pseudio Moto jacket.  Oh!  Wow!  I had to make my own

North Face Pseudio Moto Jacket

Here are the pictures of the jacket that I found on the web.  The design is very flattering with the colour blocking and I love the collar.  I was initially planning to use McCalls 7026 the base pattern.  From the front, they look very similar, but the back would take a bit of work to alter.  Flicking through my pattern stash, I came across McCalls 6171.

Original North Face Pseudio Moto Jacket
Pattern changes

It had the yoke and princess seams that I was after, just needed some extra length and colour blocking.  This is the roadmap for the design changes. I did a quick mock-up to adjust the fit.  The pattern has A/B, C & D cup sizes so the bodice fit was actually quite quick.  The reviews on PR mentioned that the sleeve didn’t fit well, and looking at it, I knew the armhole and sleeve weren’t going to work.  I grafted in a TNT sleeve pattern, adjusting the armhole and shoulder width to fit.

Pattern pieces

The fabric is Polartec Powerstretch.  It is great t wear – warm, stretchy and has a DRW treatment.  I’ve sewn with this before and it was a nightmare to overlock.  Instead, all the seams are sewn as a straight stitch and then topstitched to get the seams to lie flat.  Lots of samples to make sure the fabric wasn’t stretched out by the stitching.

My initial draft of the colour blocking on the back turned out to too high, so I had to re-cut the back pieces & yoke.  It was really late at night, past 1am, when I made the decision. The dog was shivering in her bean bag, so I decided to make a dog coat for her out of the failed back assembly

Old back becomes dog coat

Sewing the pockets was fairly tricky and I had to make it harder by recessing the zippers :-).  The collar looked simple but made the zipper insertion ‘fun’.


All in all, I’m very happy with how this jacket turned out.  It will be great for cross country skiing.

North Face Pseudio Jacket knock-off

North Face Denali Jacket / Kwik Sew 3813

Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long to make a pattern.  Am I trying to make it perfect & over thinking it?  I fussed a lot over the fabric choices for this jacket (right from the time this patern first came out).  Here are two originals that I found.  The black one is really nice but I couldn’t quite commit my last piece of black windstopper fabric in case it didn’t turn out.  I’ve used an off-white fleece with my cheap Goretex as the overlay.

The actual sewing was a breeze.  Mostly done watching Contador in a break-away on the first mountain stage of the tour.  After the first jacket, it was bliss to just take the pattern and follow the instructions.  I made a small tweak – and that was to add an extra 1/8″ to each edge on the overlays and collar for turn-of-cloth.  The zipper shield was sewn using both the overlay and fleece – as I didn’t think a single piece with an overlocked edge was a nice finish.

Woot!  The black version is now on the cards as I’ve just found the perfect piece of printed microfibre.

My Denali jacket


7 thoughts on “The North Face Pseudio Biker and Denali Jacket Knock-offs

  1. Your moto jacket is gorgeous! I have that pattern here, I may copy your idea and make my own… Actually, it’s the perfect pattern for some other fabric that I have here and I’ve been debating what to make from it, thanks for reminding me of this pattern!


      1. I originally bought the pattern as I loved the styling and shape of it. So many activewear jackets are shapeless, and this one is nicely shaped. I have here some minky style fabric, with a fluffy inner side, that would look great as this – although I’m on the fence, it the fleecy inside would be great in a hoodie! BTW, I’m looking at the McCalls 7026, your original pattern here, not the 6171 that you ended up using.


  2. Beautiful work! I’d love to have either of those jackets in my wardrobe. Seriously awesome. Love the style lines. But where is the photo of the cute dog in her snazzy new dog jacket? lol


    1. I’ll have to get a photo of her wearing the coat for you. I’m on strict instructions, though, that we can’t be wearing our jackets at the same time – I’d cramp her style 😉


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