Sew the look : Lekala 4420 Blouse

Remember those rust pants from a previous post that I was trying to find tops for?  Well here is the second instalment : a casual summer blouse using Lekala 4420


Fabric :

A rayon print in a Jacobean style print.  The red is a little brighter than the colour of the pants but blends well.  Colours also include denim blue, black, sage on a cream background.  Should also be able to pair this with jeans, cream linen pants and khaki green pants.


The idea for the project came from this RTW top.  Long sleeves rolled up, centre front seam, gathered neckline with long ties, loose fit, shaped hem.


Chosen pattern:

Lekala 4420.  It had most of the features of the inspiration top but with the bonus of  pleats at the neckline rather than gathers.  I had original bought this pattern to make in a sand-washed silk but, as always, feared messing it up.  This was a good chance to make a test garment before committing the silk.

Lekala 4420 Tech Drawing (source:


Lekala pattern instructions are fairly limited but it was fairly easy to put together.  There is a facing for the front slit which is applied after the centre front seam.  I cut a double yoke and used the burrito method to sew it to the front and back pieces.

For the ties, I extended the length of the bias strip for the collar and attached tassels to the tie endings.  I could only get black or white tassels locally, so I’ve made my own using a weaving cotton thread which was a closest match to the red in the fabric that I had on hand.



The fit is a little on the big side though the shoulder and neckline, even though I used the same custom measurements that I usually do.  The shoulder seam drops off the shoulder a bit too much and will need to be adjusted for the silk version.

I love the positioning of the back tucks at the yoke – there are two each side, set wide apart.  It gives the shirt a very nice fall.  The back hem is quite long and I’ve been tossing up whether I like it or not.  It covers the bum nicely, but cuts me in half from the back view.  What do you think – should I shorten it?


Another area of concern was the front neckline tucks.  The outer one points to the armhole notch and just pools fabric there.  I’ve unpicked the neckline ( fun 😦 )  and changed that tuck to face the other way, ie the upper edge is facing the shoulder rather than the CF, and it sits much better.


Final thoughts:

For a casual summer top, I think this is OK.  I was wearing it around the house during a couple of 30-35oC days at it was quite comfortable.  For the silk version, I’ll need to  adjust the width of the neckline and shoulders for a better fit.  And adjust the back length so it can be tucked in.


At a Glance:

Pattern: Lekala 4420
Fabric: Rayon woven print
Rating: 3/5 It’s OK but would need some more modifications
Difficulty: 2/5 Fairly simple to put together. Bias binding on neckline.
Cost: $15
30 wears: Possibly
Quality: Medium
Durability: Medium
Fad factor: Medium
Flexibility: Medium( 3-5 outfits)
Expected life: 4-5 years

10 thoughts on “Sew the look : Lekala 4420 Blouse

  1. Very nice! I love this type of print, and I think the top will be comfortable for summer. And it matches your pants! What do you consider to come up with your “30 wears” calculation? Just curious. I think I wear my casual clothes more than 30 times before I give up on them, but maybe I need to pay better attention.


    1. Thanks Becky. The “30 wears” is more of a gut feel about how often I will really wear it.

      I’m not sure about this top because it isn’t my usual style and the neckline is a bit wide for my liking. I suspect that I’ll wear it because I want to wear the pants, but would tend pass it over over another top with anything else. So if I have it for 5 years say… will I wear it 6 times each year? It’s possible, but I couldn’t say for sure. I’m trying to be honest with my answer.

      Since the start of the year, I’ve kept a tally sheet to see how often I do wear things. It’s very simple, and I try to update it after I do my weekly wash. Jeans, lingerie and ‘favourites’ tend to rack up wears very quickly, as does my “paddock” clothes. Other things can be a bit more sporadic depending on whims and weather.

      I hope that makes sense?


      1. I was wondering about that number too. I have a relatively small wardrobe and I can’t think of any seperates in my closet that only get 6 wears in a year. Maybe I’m wrong and I should make a tally sheet as well!


        1. You probably also have more of an idea of what works for you too. While I’m getting better, I still make things that don’t quite suit me or is not quite right; experiments gone wrong etc. It is interesting that the handwoven top I made earlier in the year has only been worn 3 times so far, mainly because I’m to afraid or ruining it by spilling food on it. Silly really.


      2. Yes, that makes perfect sense. I was misinterpreting your rationale. I think keeping a tally sheet is a great idea! It would certainly establish a record of what I actually do wear as opposed to what I think I wear.


  2. Lovely blouse and I like the back length. I don’t think it is cutting you in half. Perhaps it would with a straight hem, but the gentle curve is distracting the eye in a good way!


  3. I like the shirt tail as it is, but if you are looking for a dressier silk blouse then I would remove some length. Love the shape as it sits now. Nice print, too. Thanks for sharing


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