New Look 6808 (Misses Tops)

Pattern Description Fitted blouse with neckline and sleeve variations. The bodice has bust darts as well as waist darts on the front and back. Zipper in side seam.
I made a sleeveless/collarless version (plain shell).
Best Patterns of 2012 – 2014 Template:
1. Why do you think this was voted one of the Best Patterns?
This pattern was #3 in 2012. It is a simple but elegant design. A wardrobe basic that could be made over and over, with a different twist.
2. Would you have made this pattern if it was NOT voted one of the top patterns of the year? This pattern has been on my wishlist for a while. I kept meaning to buy it but the boat neckline kept putting me off. The clincher came when I was I looking for a pattern to suit the fabric I’ve chosen and flicked through the options for this contest. I thought this pattern would be perfect to show off the print and would work well under a jacket.
3. How did you make your version of this pattern unique? I think I might take the cake for the wackiest print! The simple lines of the pattern made it easy to show off the print without the darts disrupting it too much.
4. What size(s) did you make? I chose a size smaller than the pattern suggested – using the finished garment measurements as a guide, rather than the size chart. New Look patterns tend to be too wide in the shoulders for me, so I brought the shoulders in by 3cm.
5. Did you find the sizing accurate compared to the measurements listed on the pattern? I never trust the sizing charts and tend to measure the dimensions of the pattern pieces to determine which size to make. I normally use a size smaller which was the case here.
6. What fabric and trims did you use? What was the source of your fabric and trims? The fabric is a Japanese cotton sateen. It is very lightweight and has a lovely silky feel. I bought it as a remnant ( just 85cm) from my favourite independent fabric store.
7. Describe how you used the pattern instructions. Did you follow the instructions literally, did you figure out how to assemble on your own, or a combination of instructions plus own experience? I didn’t read the instructions, but I read quite a few of the previous reviews. Many found the neckline facing to be too narrow. And there were a number of comments about the zipper being tricky to install and/or not necessary.
8. Describe any alterations you made and discuss whether alternations were for fit or for design. I made a couple of changes for a better fit which are fairly standard for me- bringing in the shoulders/neckline, reducing the armhole depth. The dart position was also tweaked.
I needed to make changes to the neckline as reducing the shoulder width mean I also had to bring in the neckline and redraw the facings.
I changed the neckline to have a V shape to echo the V shape in the print. I also added a centre back seam to get roughly mirror image sections for the front and back out of the fabric. The front was cut from the centre of the fabric, and the back pieces at the selvages.
Since I’ve made my top quite fitted, I used an invisible zipper in the side seam. I initially basted the sides together to test if I could get it on and off without the zipper, but figured it would be easier with the zipper installed.
9. What did you like and what did you dislike about the pattern? I liked the classic style of this pattern and the variations of necklines and sleeve types. The darts make it very easy to get a fitted blouse. Once the fit is tweaked, it goes together very quickly.
The only dislike is that there were no V-neck options but that is fairly easy to change.
10. Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, I’m thinking of sewing it again – but in a PLAIN fabric It is a great wardrobe builder and I’d certainly recommend it