World Watercolour Month 2018

I’m really new to watercolours and would like to learn some of the basic techniques.  July 2018 is World Water Colour Month, created by Doodlewash.  So I thought I might join in, using the prompt list to create a something each day for the month of July.  Being a newbie, I’m going to keep it simple.  Hopefully at by the end of the month, my techniques will have improved.

New pictures will appear below as they are done however they will not appear in my regular blog posts on sewing.  This is just a little side indulgence.

Day by Day….


13 July: City Life

My train out of Melbourne was delayed by 2hrs ( rather normal) so I took the opportunity to try to sketch the station. I love the roof design at Southern Cross Station

12 July 2018: Forest Animals

Had a bit of fun with this one trying to depect the texture on the wings and the furry head of this moth.

11 July: Travelling

I’m going off-script today as I wanted to do a sketch for the travel wardrobe sew-a-long on Artissans’s Square

10 July 2018: Light and Luminous

This was looking good until I tried to remove the masking fluid to show the stars.

9 July 2018: Climbing mountains

After the success of yesterday’s heron, this one was a bit disappointing.  I’m having trouble getting really dark washes and – when I actually want the colour to bleed it wouldn’t.  Ackk.  More practice!! This was done using the “mountains in the Mist” tutorial from Gordon Mackenzies’ book The watercolourist’s essential notebook:Landscapes

8 July 2018: Flying things

There are a pair of white-faced herons that come into our garden on most days.  This morning one was having a preen, so the ‘perfect’ choice for today’s watercolour topic. Slowly getting the hang of mixing the colour I need and building up the layers.  At least it LOOKS like a heron

7 July 2018: Playing Games

  Starting to get the hang of bolder colours and more practice with washes and colour mixing.  Do you remember this game?

6 July 2018: Simple Things

I’m much more comfortable with this type of subject.  Here I’m playing with wet-on-wet to show the mottling of the gum-leaf as it ages.

5 July 2018: Shades of blue

Done from a tutorial by Gareth Naylor on It uses only a hake brush and one colour.  It was a very helpful tutorial on making different types of marks with the brush.  Should revisit this exercise, especially when I get a bit more handle on varying the depth of shade

4 July 2018: Family moments

Ahh.  Remember when we used to develop our own film and print our own black and white pictures.  I loved watching the images slowly appear when the paper goes into the developer bath.

3 July 2018: Primary colours

Keeping it simple.  Trying to vary depth of shade.  No colour mixing.  Candle wax used as a resist for the balloon highlights.

2 July 2018: Delicious Food

Working on keeping it simple. Playing with wet-on-wet. The top kiwi-fruit was going to well until I blotted off excess water and lifted way too much colour  

01 July 2018 : Sunny Days

A sunny day in winter is the perfect time to get the washing done and hopefully dry before the sun disappears. I’m new to watercolours so I’ll be using WorldWaterColourMonth to learn some basic watercolour skills and improve my technique. I used this doodle as an exercise in doing an even wash.  Will get better

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