‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 2

The next part of the new wardrobe is the blue pack – tencel denim shirt, linen jeans and cotton shorts.  The details and photos are below.  But first, a quick update on the progress of the scarf.  I’ve wound the yarn onto the warping board.  It was quite a slow process trying to keep the colours stacked as they were in the skein for 140 threads.  There is a lot more light blue than I thought, but I can use those areas for the loom waste.  Here is a picture, love the colours!!!!


So here is the second pack to the wardrobe, the blues  – – tencel denim shirt, linen jeans and cotton shorts.  It is a bit more casual than the first pack (Pack 1: Off-white), but they mix and match to give so many looks.


Tencel Denim Shirt

5767Would you believe that I’ve had the fabric in my stash for almost three years?  I bought it to make a denim-like shirt and it has been in my “to-sew” pile ever since.  It a really good quality fabric so I’ve been shying away from cutting into it.

The pattern is Lekala 5767.  I love the neckline on this shirt and the shaping – princess seams plus a vertical front dart. The shirt is quite fitted so I added an extra inch to my measurements for some extra ease.  This way I can also use it as an overshirt.

The original sleeves were 3/4 length with ties, but I changed them to a shirt sleeve with cuffs and placket.   I grafted in the sleeve cap from this sleeve into another cuffed shirt sleeve with the pleats and placket marked.  I took my time sewing the plackets.  The tencel was very drapey and needed a lot of basting to stop it shape-shifting under its own weight.

I was initially planning to topstitch the shirt, just like a normal denim shirt, but the samples I did looked tacky.  I left off the top-stitching but still used antique bronze buttons.

I’m happy with the way it turned out.  Loose enough to wear as an overshirt, but still OK as a blouse.  The collar ended up a bit on the winged side, so it I make this again, I’d take some width out of the collar.

Linen Jeans

The pattern is my TNT jeans block.  It originated from Knipmode Jan 2011 #13 (boyfriend jeans) but has undergone a lot of changes to the leg shape.  I think I’ve made about 15 pairs of pants from this pattern.  The fabric is a denim look linen which will be perfect for the warmer months.

You can see by reviews for previous versions of this pattern here on Pattern Review.

Cotton slub shorts.

The fabric is a gorgeous Japanese cotton.  The slubs of tan and light blue in the weave match in well with my colour scheme

This is actually the same Marmot knock-off pattern that I drafted for my boardshorts.  For the back pocket, I moved the welt opening to sit flush with the yoke seam.  It was a bit trickier to sew, but looks a lot better.  The photo’s below show the pockets as they were being made complete with chalk lines 😉


The Photos..

click on the image to see a larger version

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