4 patterns => 11 piece wardrobe

I’ve been following the speculation thread for the 2017 SWAP on Artisan’s square.  One of the suggestions was to use four patterns to make the 11 piece wardrobe.    This afternoon, I put a pen to paper and came up with a couple of quick options for a casual wardrobe and a sport one. My first impression was that four patterns would be fairly bland – but it is actually not too bad if you change collars, lengths of sleeves or add some colour blocking.  See what you think.

Casual wardrobe

The patterns in this one are fairly generic:

  1. Jeans – long & as shorts
  2. Pants – long & as shorts
  3. T shirt – short sleeve or sleeveless, necklines as round, V or polo
  4. Fitted woven shirt – long and short sleeve
Casual set 4 patterns => 11 pieces
Casual set
4 patterns => 11 pieces

The variety isn’t too bad.  One of the t-shirts could be substituted for another shirt.  Make it in a heavier fabric to use as a layering piece to extend the wardrobe into cooler weather.

Sporty wardrobe

This versions uses two Lisette patterns to get the four patterns.

Adding the jacket meant that I had to lose a top or a bottom.  But I have heaps of T-shirts already, so it’s not such a big deal.  The top can be made with different fabrics (eg cotton for the “walk” example, coolmax for cycling) and some colour blocking added in to give each version a different look.  Playing around with the back straps is another option.

Same with the pants, vary the lengths and fabrics.  For the joggers, a knit and a woven version would be really handy.

Sport set

I quite like this set!  I might have to get out the coloured pencils and play with some colour schemes.  Pretty good range for just 2 pattern envelopes!

Progress on the Iro Jacket

Carrying on from my last post…. I’ve done the pattern work and manage to add in a two piece sleeve.  The snag is that I’m a bit short of fabric.  Dopey me forgot to include the sleeves in my calculations 😉  So I’m in the process of warping up the loom again to weave some more.  In some ways, that isn’t too bad as I’ll have time to order in a matching zip for it.


4 thoughts on “4 patterns => 11 piece wardrobe

  1. Very interesting to see this concept in diagrams as I was also having a hard time on how to make the pieces look different. Your sport grouping looks perfect and I can see the casual wardrobe working as well.

    How frustrating not having enough fabric but so good you can weave some more.


  2. Changing fabrics would make the garments look very different too. The same trouser pattern done in a navy and a brown tweed would look totally different. The woven fabric shirt done in a liberty style print and a solid, would look totally different. It’s more than just the pattern.

    Thanks for putting this up, I didn’t actually get what was meant when it was first discussed. Your diagrams switched the light bulb on for me. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing what the actual SWAP rules will be this year.


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