Pattern Stash: The pants

At the start of winter I created a couple of inspiration boards for things I would like to sew. As part of the pattern stash contest, I was trying to match these up with some of my unused patterns.  I’ve trialled 5 patterns, including two Lisette patterns.  Here is my progress so far.

For the contest, you couldn’t alter the pattern design, so I mainly stuck with the knits and got to tested out some legging and tracky-pant patterns.

1. Style Arc Monica Pant

Style Arc Monica PantThe pattern turned out to be a one-piece stretch pant that has been sliced up.  I was a bit disappointed as the description of the pattern suggested it had some shaping in it, especially for the knees.  There are better patterns out there than this one.   The fabric is a brushed-back nylon.  So they are nice and warm.  **** Full review on PR ****

2. My Image M1253 – stretch pants

Really happy with these pants.  The stitched detail on the side panel was the reason I bought the magazine way back when…2012?.  Gee that is really slack.  **** Full review on PR ****

3. Butterick 6295 – leggings

I’d already marked this pattern for knocking off the leggings with the zippers (top row, middle of the inspiration board).  The design lines are the same, it’s just that the pocket has a zipper opening along the front seam.  I’ve sewn the zipper into the upper side piece, and used the pocked piece as the backing.  Really happy with this pattern and will make a few more versions over time.  **** Full review on PR ****

4. Butterick 6386 – pants

These are OK if I wear my t-shirt over the yoke.  I’ve had to taper in the width of the pants quite a bit, but they are still quite clownish at the hem.  For going kayaking, and getting caked in river mud, they are OK.  I’m glad I erred on the side of caution and didn’t use my favourite microfibre – hence the yicky colour of these. **** Full review on PR ****

5.  Ottobre Woman 5/216 – #11 Winter Comfort

The pattern is well named.  A basic track pant, but with a wide tapering cuff. Very comfortable.  Again, I’ve tapered the leg a lot on these to get them to look more like the tech drawing.  I’ll be making these again, adding in some pockets **** Full review on PR ****


So 3 of 5 that I’ll sew again.

Projects still on the todo list….

  • Lekala 4390 – two piece yoga pants with contoured waistband.  I forgot I had this pattern
  • Vogue 1411 (Today’s Fit) – the seaming on these will be quite flattering
  • Shelby Korouoma pant – the base for the waterproof overpants
  • Vogue Anne Klein pant – as the base pattern for the ski pants
  • Patagonia knockoff (the red ones) – self draft
  • Kuhl knockiff (charcoal) – self draft
  • Biker pants from the latest Knipmode mag (Aug)

A question for you

Do you have any favourite legging or track-pant patterns that I should check out?

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