Weaving: My rug is finished

Drum-roll please? The rug is off the loom, ends woven in and hemstitched. Yay! And this is what it looks like…

Window rug finished

Window rug – front
Window rug back

The pattern is straight out of Handwoven magazine (May/June 2000) : Caribbean windows rug by Michael Rohde.(4-shaft version).  The reverse colours show on the back

Warp : 4ply cotton – lime

Weft: Wool rug yarn ( 3 strands) – blue, lime, orange

Hem weft : 4ply cotton – blue, lime

Technique: Taquete

Started at the beginning of May

Weaving the first hem
Starting the rug – May 2017

At the end of July

finished weaving – end July 2017
Cut off the loom

I decided to go with matching colours on the hem rather than contrasting ones. I think it made the rug look bigger.

Deciding on the hem – contrasting (LHS) or matching (RHS)

Beginning of August – here it is after the hems are stitched and the ends have been darned in.

Back – colour is actually lime but didn’t photograph well

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