Denim sheer lingerie set – part 2

The set is complete…. yay!

Denim set

The construction info is mainly in the previous post. The elastics were a pain, but worth it.

Finished bra – Merckweardigh BHST2
Bridge detail

The hipster pattern is modified from the Merckweardigh Pocket Boxer pattern. I’ve shifted the front panel seam over to work with the width of leftover fabric and lace – only just managed to get a matching pair for the lace inserts. The back is cut as a single piece from leftover silk jersey.

‘Red’ also got a make-over. I’ve done a little surgery to get a bit more of a natural underbust and fitted some moulded cups. It’s not perfect, particularly near the bridge, but it’s fairly close. Plus, I finally got around to making a knit cover for it.

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