Sewing in 2018: 3rd Quarter Wrap-up

Yikes! Where has the year gone! Spring is in the air and the birds have been very active in garden. It’s exciting to see new species, such as an Eastern Yellow Robin who shadowed me when I was weeding the other day. Had a hard time resisting jumping up and down with excitement in case I scared it off!

Eastern Yellow Robin
Image Credit: Julian Robinson

But back to the topic in hand – catching up on what I’ve been sewing over the last quarter and taking a quick look at my sewing goals for the year and see how I’m tracking.

July and August were fairly productive, with lots of sewing time to be found while watching the Tour de France and La Vuelta. September has been quieter with lots of work to be done in the garden and around the farm.  The drought continues to bite, no winter-spring rain for the second year in a row.  I do miss green grass.  One positive is that I haven’t had to mow the grass since June last year, and I might not need to until June next year.  We also lost a dear neighbour. A lovely bloke that never failed to brighten up your day, whether it be an exuberant wave as he drove past, or a looong chat over the fence.  I haven’t felt very chatty the last few weeks, often struggling to put a sentence together.

On a more positive note, I used the flat mood to do a serious wardrobe cull.  Weeding out stuff I really don’t wear or are past their usefulness.  To say I was ruthless would be an understatement!  As I went I made a list of things which I really need.   Even got down to sorting out the dust-bunnies living among the shoes!  I had to laugh though.  Most women would have some heals among their shoes where I have mainly sports shoes – oh, and a pair of steel capped boots with anti-melt soles 🙂

No lady’s wardrobe is complete without steel capped boots 🙂


I’m digressing again.  Back to sewing and my goals

1. Reduce my stash

⭐ just over 60m of fabric sewn for the quarter, with almost 140m sewn this year.  I don’t know if I should be proud or embarrassed 🙂
🙄 3 pieces of fabric just purchased.  They are friends for a wardrobe orphan.
☑ I’ve used a couple of pieces of “precious” fabrics, mainly sports fabrics.  Still too chicken to use the silks
☑ had a big clean out of pattern draw.  Lost my pant and jeans drafts in the process. Disappeared again down that rabbit hole of pant drafting fitting.  Glad to say that I’ve been able to recreate the jeans pattern from one of its offshoots.  More on that soon.

2. Track my purchases and stick to a budget

☑ I can safely say that I’m out of the “unplanned purchases” habit

3. Specific projects

😕 TNT patterns. I had planned to work on a bodice sloper but that hasn’t happened yet. I really need to make the effort to get that done as it would be so handy.

Tour de France sewing frenzy!    This continued on with the La Vuelta, which I really enjoyed watching.  Would love to go to Spain, the landscapes look so diverse.
⭐ More activewear – yes!  Mainly cycling gear, but also a new swimsuit.  Got my mini-wardrobe sewn for the PR comp but couldn’t bring myself to take the photos and write the reviews.

Thanks for reading this far.  It’s been a pretty dull post.  ‘Normal’ service will resume soon. Promise 🙂

Happy sewing!


4 thoughts on “Sewing in 2018: 3rd Quarter Wrap-up

  1. So sorry to hear of your loss, it surprises me how much it affects us. Now that little Robin is very cute.

    You have still moved more out of the stash than I and now I can see where your radical thoughts for SWAP came from, but agree with them completely.


  2. Grief is a strange emotion. It can’t be hurried. Take care of yourself.

    Re the bodice draft, why not start with the one from Patternlab – you do have to pay for it though. I had one done for me last year and the fitting was pretty good, just had to adjust the shoulders mainly. It would be a good base to work from.


    1. Thanks Melinda. I’ll try.

      Thanks for the info on Patternlab. I had a quick look at their site last night and it looks promising. I’ve bought Suzy Furrer’s drafting class ( err, umm, 2 years ago) and was planning to work through that. The engineer in me loves the process of drafting, but has trouble reading the wrinkles when it comes to fitting.


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