Two for Tuesday: Kwik Sew 3658 knit tops

I was looking for a top pattern to work with the knit below.  It was purchased to make a knock-off of a top that I’d seen on Polvore (so sad the site is no longer running) that looked so similar to McCalls 6991.  After I bought the pattern, I realised that the front piece is all in one, with the front piece folded at the hem to make the wrap.  This would mean that the wrong, unprinted side of the print would show. 😦

Going through my pattern stash, for an alternative pattern, I settled on KwikSew 3658.  I always liked the neckline of this pattern and it was very quick to put together.  It has a centre front seam and the pattern has been matched at the seam.  Just had enough fabric by cutting the front and sleeves individually.

front view of brushstroke top
Front view (KwikSew 3658)
back view of brushstroke top
back view (KwikSew 3658)

Since I had the pattern out, I decided to make another top using the pattern.  This was an abstract animal print that I’d picked up from The Remnant Warehouse.  Loved the splash of lime, but couldn’t settle on the right pattern for it until now.  I’ve cut the fabric to have the lime splashes near the shoulders and neckline, and also to use the white stripe section on the sleeve and offset on the front.   It is a bit bold, so I’ll need to be in the right mood to wear it, but the pop of colour at the neckline looks pretty awesome when worn with a jacket.

front view of animal print top
front view (KwikSew 3658)
back view of animal print top
back view (KwikSew 3658)

While flicking through my pattern stash I was surprised by the number of patterns I had that I had always planned to make again.  I’m easily distracted by the shiny and new that it really shouldn’t surprise me that I don’t get around to revisiting patterns.  Is it just me or do you do this too?

Sewing Project Score card


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