Weaving: Huck lace sampler

This summer I’d like to weave and sew a lacy top. One of my first weaving projects as a silk scarf woven in huck lace and plain weave. It was so delicate. I am always intrigued with lace weaves; by how the threads shift once the cloth is off the loom and washed.

For my top, my first idea was to have a plain or textured weave for the main body, and then a second more open weave on the yoke. But first, I was a good girl, and have done a sampler of different huck weaves to see how they look, rather than diving straight in.

For the same threading, I played with 13 or 14 different patterns, depending on the treadling. I also played with using a contrast colour for the weft – to see how it looked and also to free up some bobbins from previous projects.

So here are some of the highlights from the sampler – with photos on the loom and after washing so you can see the difference.

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