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'The Remnant Bag'

Weaving with mail satchels : The Remnant Bag

The 'fabric' for this bag was woven with strips of plastic for mail satchels. It was woven on the same warp as the first bag that I made using plastic wrappers for Plastic Free July, last year.  That bag has been carrying home my shopping each week as is holding up well.  It's quirkiness still ...

rag woven fabric with the original fabric

A double-weave rag-bag

Sorry about the title, but it was the easiest way to describe it. Basically it is a small tote woven using strips of an unwanted fabric. Add in a little experimenting with double-weave to weave the body of the back as a tube and you get a double-weave rag-bag! You may recall, that I was ...

Marshmallow rag rug

Handwoven: The Marshmallow Rag Rug

Has this project been fun or what? I would never have thought that I would be weaving a rag rug, let alone be looking forward to making another.  To be honest, most of the ones that I'd seen were a random smattering of rag strips that didn't really appeal to me.  But when I saw ...