‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 4

The last part of the new wardrobe is the “wildcard” pack.  The colours can be anything, as long as they match with some (not all) of the items in the previous packs.  I’ve used orange tones in my wildcards.


Burnt Orange Linen Jacket

I made this jacket a couple of years ago and absolutely love it.   The pattern is from Knipmode (#6 May 2010) and reviewed on Pattern Review.  It has been washed many times and has that soft drape of a worn linen.  This SWAP was a good excuse to get a couple more tops to wear with it.

Some of my new choices are …..

Mokume Shibori T-shirt

So far, this is the item which I have worn the most.  This was hand-dyed ( details in this post) with the outside dyed with indigo and the inside dyed with orange.  I couldn’t decide which side I liked better so the T-shirt was sewn together using flat-locking to make it reversible.  You can see from the first photo ( rear shot) that the colour variations work out well to blend with a light or dark blue.  On the left is the “inside” face, that shows the orange up more and matches the lighter blue of the jeans.  On the right is the “outside” which has a darker blue that matches the navy shorts.



Cotton shorts.

The fabric is a cotton duck.  It was made from the left-overs of a pair of hiking pants that I made at the same time.  I love the colour – always wanted a pair of shorts this colour – even though the colour makes it fairly limiting to what can be worn with it.  I’m definitely using my wildcard with this, as it will only be worn with three of the four tops.

The pattern is self-drafted as a knock off from a pair of Royal Robins shorts.  The base pattern was from the same block that the cream linen pants and blue shorts came from.

And a couple of combos ….



5 thoughts on “‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 4

  1. Why are the navy shorts limiting to you? They seem like such a basic color all of your tops could be worn with them.


    1. The reddish shorts are the ones I think will be limiting. I agree with you about the navy shorts as they go with so many thinks. Sorry for not being clear in my post.


    1. Thanks, and yes she did get a bath (although she’d much prefer the normal technique of throwing a ball/stick in the dam, until one of us gets bored)


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