Winter Wardrobe Planning

Following on from the success of my Summer-Spring SWAP, I decided to use the same formula for a winter wardrobe.  Here are the bones of what I’ve been working on.

The wishlist…

Main colours:   black, dark brown, cream and red.

Jackets to co-ordinate with

Jackets to co-ordinate with

Expand options for these jackets:

Really need:

  • plain knit tops to wear under a jacket, esp cream and black
  • black jeans and dressy pants
  • red jeans to go with the Tosti jacket

Nice to have:

  • dressy knit jacket
  • handwoven jacket

The Fabrics…

Black fabric options The Blacks (from L to R):

  1. Black & Cream slub – ? Chanel style jacket
  2. Heavy weight black cotton denim – jeans
  3. Black & red poly jersey – top
  4. Black silk jersey – top
  5. Black, brown, cream poly knit – top
  6. Black stretch bengaline – slim-fit pants
  7. Cream, red, black textured knit – jacket
swap2_browns The cream and browns…

top – leather jacket

bottom (from Lt o R)

  1. Brown/black stretch cotton sateen – pants
  2. Black, brown, cream poly knit – top
  3. Brown jeans from summer/autumn swap
  4. Cream silk jersey – beaded top
  5. Cream, red, black textured knit – jacket
  6. Cream textured knit (picture) – knit blazer
 swap2_reds the reds… (from L to R)

  1. dark red wool yarn – handwoven fabric for jacket
  2. Black & red poly jersey – top
  3. red bamboo jersey – top
  4. dark red cotton canvas – jeans
  5. Cream, red, black textured knit – jacket

I’m still to decide on some of the patterns, but I think that the fabrics I’ve chosen work well together and complement what is already in my wardrobe.



  1. Lovely! And so organized. Where do you buy your silk jersey?



    1. G’day Lyndle! The black silk jersey was from The Remnant Warehouse in Sydney. It is a bit on the thin side but being black, it isn’t too see-thru. Silksational and Beautiful Silks have undyed silk jersey that is a bit heavier and better for dyeing light colours.

      What are you sewing at the moment?



  2. A gorgeous collection of fabrics and I look forward to seeing what patterns you choose for them.



  3. […] the top of my list for winter sewing was some plain knit tops, especially cream and black, that  can wear under jackets.  Next in line […]



  4. […] today is the last official day of winter, it is time to checking on my progress with my Winter SWAP plans.  The format for the SWAP is the same for my previous swap.  This format helps me focus on the […]



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