The hut boots are finished!!!!!!

Yay! I just finished the other hut boot. It’s been a labour of love so I guess it makes a good Valentines day present.

We had a run of days last week that were over 40C and he asked me about three time when I was going to make the other boot. So I think that when the next heat wave rolls around, I’m going to make him wear them 🙂  Sound fair????

Making the prototype

Making the first boot


4 thoughts on “The hut boots are finished!!!!!!

  1. I read the earlier posts too. This sounds like a complex process very well done.
    40°C!! Wow. My summers never get that hot (I’m glad to say! ). Question, though – where are these boots going to be used? Local or at a distance? Do you have that big a difference between winter and summer is what I’m asking.


    1. We are only a couple of hours from the ski-fields, and do a bit of snow camping in the winter (although what we call cold is probably mild compared to your weather). We get about a 50C difference in temperatures between summer and winter. Just depends if the wind is blowing from central Australia or up from the Antarctic. Last Saturday it was 44 and the next day was 16.


      1. A warm summer day here in NE England is in the low 20s a hot day in the higher 20s. We don’t often go into the freezing range, and then usually only 3° or so (though can be lower) A very temperate climate. My clothes don’t vary that much between winter and summer. I haven’t used my winter boots for the last 2 years at least. We’re forecast a heatwave next week! Last week was around zero, today 7°C or so. So no snow camping! Sounds good! We went to the Arctic circle a couple of years ago at this time of year, hunting the Northern Lights – we got the cold and snow there!


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