Ottobre Sweatshirt V2

For version two of this sweatshirt, I’ve gone down three sizes from what was recommended in the size chart and added a little extra width at the hip.  The fit is much better, especially through the shoulders.   No way near as baggy as yesterday’s version.  With the narrower shoulders, the sleeve came out to be the right length.  I’ve still tapered the sleeve a little and reduced the cuff with.

Modified from Ottobre 05/2017 #4 ‘Handy pockets’

The fabric I’ve used on this one is a printed sweatshirt fleece with a brushed back.  For the cuffs, I’ve used a beefy cotton-lycra jersey.   The lines on the print were a little wavy but matched up at the side seam reasonably well.

side seam matching


Ottobre 05/2017 Tech drawings for #4 and #10
Source: Ottobre


And now for today’s sketch….

A walk in the walled garden
Pattern: Ottobre Woman 05/2017  #4 with mods
Fabric: Sweatshirt fleece
Rating: 4/5
Difficulty: 2/5
Cost: $18
30 wears: Easily
Quality: Medium
Durability: High
Fad factor: Low
Flexibility: High
Expected life: 4-6 years




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