KwikSew 3026: Paisley woven polo shirt

close-up of collar & placket

close-up of collar & placket

This paisley print has been sitting in my stash for almost a decade, never quite knowing what it wanted to be.  Too short in length for a long sleeve shirt for which it was intended to be, and never quite suiting the summer shirt patterns that I tried to match it with.

Kwik Sew 3026

Kwik Sew 3026 (original source:

So here it is, finally made up as a poloshirt using KwikSew 3026 (now OOP) with some minor changes, like adding tabs on the sleeve cuffs.  I had planned to use a contrast colour for the collar and placket by overdyeing some of the left-over fabric but I was distracted and left it in dye pot too long.  The colour came out much darker than I had wanted.


In other news….

I’m starting to catch up on my sleep now that the TDF is over.  I managed to get 26m sewn up over the three weeks of the tour, taking the total so far to just over 100m.  Not bad going 🙂

There are still two hiking shirts that require buttons to finish them off.  Sewing on buttons is not something that I enjoy.

The Bendigo Sheep and Wool show was on recently.  I thought I was being very restrained with my purchases but somehow 2kg of weaving yarn followed me home.  I’m thinking of some sort of twill weave and will have a bit of fun doing a sampler to see how the yarns work together.  One is a mercerized cotton and the other is a wool blend bouclé.

In the meantime… I’ve had a ripping time, pun intended, turning old sheets and leftover fabrics into fabric fettuccine. Can you guess what it will be?

fabric fettuccine fabric fettuccine


  1. Beautiful shirt and so glad you finally got to use that lovely fabric. How often do you go to TBWS, I went last year, missed this year but would have loved the opportunity to meet up with you again.



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