Simple sewing : Two knit Tees

Time for some easy sewing projects. This time it is two t-shirts. The first is from my self-drafted relaxed fit t-shirt pattern. The second is a variation on a boat-neck t-shirt from Knipmode.

Before I go any further, I’d like to say a big thank-you to those of you who voted or commented on the design for my knitting project.  The result was overwhelmingly for the V-neck with a short length.  I’ve started the armhole shaping on the back.  With a bit of luck I’ll have a finished jumper to show in the autumn. (I’m a very slow knitter).

Star T-shirt

I really like this print for a casual top. It was supposed to be a V-neck version but I mindlessly cut out a round neck.

Star T-shirt : self-drafted pattern
Star T-shirt : self -drafted pattern

Star T-shirt detail

Knipmode #9/#10 May 2013

Yikes, I’ve had this pattern on my wishlist since 2013??? Oh well, better late than never.

The pattern has a boat neckline with triangular inserts at the shoulder edge. The long sleeve version (#9) has a boat neckline on the back, while the short sleeve version (#10) has a scoop back neckline. I made a short sleeve version of #9.

The pattern is fairly simple to put together, although matching the off-grain stripes took a bit of time to layout. I reduced the shoulder width on the pattern by 1cm at each side. The rest is as per the pattern.

I do like the inserts at the shoulders to give a more squared-off look to the neckline. Definitely a pattern to make again.

Knipmode #9 May 2013
Mustard stripe T – front
Knipmode #9 May 2013
Mustard Stripe T – Back
Knipmode #9 May 2013
Mustard stripe T – side

At a Glance:

Pattern: Knipmode 9/10 May 2013
Fabric: Cotton jersey
Rating: 5/5 Love this top!
Difficulty: 2/5 Fairly simple to put together. Front and back neckline has turned and stitched facings
Cost: $5
30 wears: Easily
Quality: Low (cheap knit)
Durability: Medium
Fad factor: Low
Flexibility: High( > 5 outfits)
Expected life: 2-3 years

9 thoughts on “Simple sewing : Two knit Tees

  1. Great tee shirts! I have a boat neck pattern with the inserts, and I like the look as well, although I have not made it up yet. I love those mustard stripes.
    As to your knitting project, I just wanted to mention that if you are knitting top down, then you could leave the stitches on a holder after you knit the back and after you knit the the front you would try it on and see how you like the length before you finish the ribbing in the round. You could always lengthen it at that time. I like top down patterns for just that reason.


    1. I hope you do give that pattern a go. I haven’t tried knitting top down before but it sounds like a very practical way of working and worth trying. Do you need to consider how the fabric with relax after it is blocked?


      1. You need the pattern to guide you through top down construction, at least I do. But yes, it is a great way to knit a sweater because you can quickly determine if the armscye is correct for you and the height of the sleeve head. You can try it on! I also like to knit socks toe up for the same reason. If you are concerned about the yarn growing, then you should swatch and then wash/block it and see how much it grows. Some yarns tightens up, some grow. The ones that I have learned have always relaxed over time are superwash wool yarns and alpaca and very heavy yarns, like bulky yarns. I have been known to put a damp sweater in the dryer after washing on low heat for just a few minutes (not enough to felt it) and watching it very carefully to slightly shrink it. I know that freaks some people out, but it generally works if you are very careful.


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