Sewing in a heatwave

I think the weather forecast for the next few days says it all. Thankfully it will only last a couple more days before it cools down to the mid 30’s. The overnight temperatures really sap my energy. It is a good excuse to stay inside during the afternoons, put the fan on and sew; preferably small lacy things.

Forecast for the next few days

Project A – Checkerboard Print Lycra with charcoal trim

Bra is from Merckwaerdigh Mix30, shorts are self drafted. Will probably make these so they can double as swimwear.

checkerboard set sketch

checkerboard fabrics

Project B – Ivory and gold

long-line strapless bra modified from Merckwaerdigh Strap4. Self drafted pants. Love the trim for this one

Ivory and gold set sketch

Ivory and gold fabrics

Project C – Army green and black

The lycra is reversible with a lighter shade on the reverse, which unfortunately didn’t photograph well. The pattern for the bra will be self-drafted and using Merckwaerdigh SV32 for the bottoms to echo the tucks and lace accents

Olive bra set – sketch

reversible lycra and lace

Project D – Denim look lycra

Another fabric which doesn’t photograph well. Currently tossing up between a very plain t-shirt bra style set and one with lace bits. I’ve got some nice strapping and FOE in navy with a silver accents that works well with this fabric, so I may go with option 2 over option 3.

denim look fabric and stretch lace

denim bra set – option 2 sketch

denim bra – option 3 sketch


  1. Wow, I love them all. Perfect sewing for a heat wave, which is not the problem where I am, but I can dream.



    1. That’s funny, as I always dream of getting snowed in ( as if that will ever happen here). Project A is done and I’m about to start the ivory set



  2. Wow you are being punished with the heat, I am hiding inside with the low 30’s as that is hot enough for me, but so far not in the sewing room.

    Love all your plans and you have got me thinking about adding swimmers as a wild card for SWAP.



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  4. […] I finally got this project done and dusted. Back in December, I made plans for some lingerie sewing. “Project C” was the one I really, really, REALLY wanted to […]



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