Sewing With A Plan 2021

It is that time of the year again….. SWAP.

First let me say sewing has been happening here at sewTreefrog but I with all the extras 2020 has given us, I haven’t been blogging much. I’ve been posting most of my makes on IG, so please checkout my feed. Most recently I’ve been working through a cycling capsule. (One of the good things that has come out of two lockdowns is that I’ve got back into regular cycling again and I’m loving it)

Over at Artisans Square the annual SWAP (sewing with a plan) is getting underway. I’ve volunteered to be co-ordinator this year. Please join us!

I love the planning phase. So many possibilities! Ahh, sew little time 😦


I’m desperately short of pants. I need new jeans – straight leg + slim leg versions. Also some lightweight summer pants – drawstring style in linen or rayon. Some new hiking pants and a shirt or two. I also need a black T. Boardshorts. And then there is the kayaking cag and the Goretex jacket that’s been on my list since I don’t know when! From my stash, a floral rayon and some gorgeous embroidered voiles.

Option 1 : Everyday SWAP

SWAP 2021 Inspiration
Inspiration photos for SWAP 2021

To come up with this plan, I’ve based it loosely on the 2016 Algebra SWAP. The main structure is as follows:

  • 1 “3 pack” of Color(s) A (3 garments) – This will be blues – denim + the floral rayon
  • 1 “3 pack” of Color(s) B (3 garments) – This will be naturals – embroidered voile, linen pants and a stripe T
  • 1 “Combo Pack” of Colors A & B (2 garments) – An eyelet voile and cotton sateen
  • 1 “3 pack” of Wild Cards – Hiking group with a linen shirt, drawstring pants & more technical pair of hiking pants

Option 2 : Patagucci SWAP

Now wouldn’t this be fun?

Sewing Plans – Patagucci Hiking Set

7 thoughts on “Sewing With A Plan 2021

  1. Love your planning and enjoy seeing your inspiration. I am still working out what I want to make but at least some of it will be for our trip in June to the Kimberley Coast.


  2. Just like 2020 has inspired many people to up their loungewear game, your wardrobe plans always inspire me to do better with the hiking. Don’t get me wrong, I think my hiking wardrobe is perfectly functional. But it’s true that it’s usually based on thrifted silk shirts, and that I have on occasion been described (by friends) as “Felliniesque” 😉.

    I am intrigued to hear you talk about a Goretex jacket dream though. Are you subjected to really long downpours? In New Zealand, right? I am asking because I am in California where we long for downpours but are basically never out in them. I don’t have a use for Goretex any more, finding softshell as useful over a wider range of conditions, and much more comfortable over them too. From the sewing point of view, the few Goretex items I managed to produce stand out as some of the worst sewing torture ever, I felt like I had been sewing for NASA. In contrast, softshell is a walk in the park, comparable to sweats. I would urge you to give it a try if I haven’t just missed it in your past work..


    1. Thank you for your comments. You silk hiking shirt sounds absolutely lovely. I’ve thought about your comments regarding the softshell. The main reason, is that I already have the fabric ( a very light 3 layer with nice drape), waterproof zips and sealing tape ready to go. My delay has mainly been because I haven’t settled on the design. I have couple of softshell jackets, but I find them heavier and less breathable than the Goretex. I haven’t had that much trouble sewing the Goretex – just a little slow with the seam-sealing – but well worth the effort to make the jacket truly waterproof. It will get used in alpine conditions so waterproof vs water-resistant is a big consideration for me.


  3. Hi Treefrog, I dropped by from Stitcher’s Guild when I saw your post, as I always find your plans so beautifully drawn and co-ordinated. This is no exception. I admire the cohesiveness of the hiking wardrobe. Great colours, too. In my sporting life I have always been the ragamuffin one – with an old wool sweater as “running” sweater, over holey tights. I often wear mismatched socks. I admire your skill and co-ordination!

    I also love the floral blouse and jeans combination – very feminine. In fact, the whole Option 1 plan is admirable- pretty and polished, while relaxed.Those drawings are also very well done. Stephaniecan


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