Sewing With A Plan 2021

It is that time of the year again….. SWAP.

First let me say sewing has been happening here at sewTreefrog but I with all the extras 2020 has given us, I haven’t been blogging much. I’ve been posting most of my makes on IG, so please checkout my feed. Most recently I’ve been working through a cycling capsule. (One of the good things that has come out of two lockdowns is that I’ve got back into regular cycling again and I’m loving it)

Over at Artisans Square the annual SWAP (sewing with a plan) is getting underway. I’ve volunteered to be co-ordinator this year. Please join us!

I love the planning phase. So many possibilities! Ahh, sew little time 😦

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SWAP 2019 finished

My SWAP (sewing with a plan) is complete.   This year’s rules required us to choose a colour scheme from an inspiration photo; two neutrals with 2-5 accents and/or prints.  Each item needed to make at least 2 outfits.  While I didn’t need a fully cohesive capsule wardrobe, I did want to plug a few gaps in what I already have, and to add much more colour.  My colour scheme is based on a butterfly print fabric that I had.  Lots of colours to choose from. Continue reading “SWAP 2019 finished”

SWAP 2018 progress update

Eeek, I can’t believe it is March already.  Where does the time go?  So far I have made four items on my SWAP plan.

The first two are the prints that I made up in December.  One is a geometric print rayon that I made up using a slightly modified version of Lekala 4439 (review on PR).  Deciding on the layout of the print actually took more time than it did to sew it, but it was worth it.  I’ve worn this top quite a few times and really love it.  The print has shades of grey, pink, black, indigo and bits of brown so it goes with a lot of things already in my wardrobe.

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SWAP 2018 planning

Potential SWAP fabrics ( shopping the stash)

I’ve been looking forward to start of SG’s 2018 SWAP next week. I am a fair way into the planning phase with two possible wardrobe plans. I dived into my stash and surfaced with a colour scheme of whites, pinks and greys. The colours of a Galah – and hence the working title of “What a Galah”. Continue reading “SWAP 2018 planning”

Autumn sewing wrap-up

It’s been almost three months since my last post.  Most of my spare time has been spent enjoying the great outdoors or working in the garden.  I’ve been sewing a little, but not getting around to editing photos for a write-up. So its high time for a quick catch-up.

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Summer wardrobe planning

To put my fashion flats drawings to the test, I’ve been using them to plan my summer sewing.  Two possible wardrobes are emerging with the colour scheme coming from the choice of swimsuit fabric.  One is a colourful ink-blotch print and the other is a striking digital print.

After doing the tech drawings, I’ve scanned them in so I have a digital copy that are all the same scale.  It was fairly easy to identify a few of the designs which didn’t suit me.  I also printed a reduced scale version that I cut up like playing cards to match with the fabrics I had in mind.  It made mixing and matching the patterns a lot easier as I could compare the proportions of a top with a bottom. Continue reading “Summer wardrobe planning”

Craftsy Class Review: Drawing fashion flats

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to watch and make use of the Craftsy classes I’ve accumulated.  I’ve also stuffed my ankle so I’m looking for more sedentary things to do at the moment (twiddling my thumbs for 3-4 months is going to test my patience).

Anyway, the first class I’ve watched has been Drawing Fashion Flats: Designing Construction Details   I often do sketches when I’m trying to knock off a garment I’ve seen or see how a pattern’s proportions work on my croquis, so I thought I’d give this class a go.   I have been working on plans for a summer wardrobe, so I could put the class to work by drawing out my plan. Continue reading “Craftsy Class Review: Drawing fashion flats”

Winter wardrobe sewing catch-up: Basic Knit tops and not-so basic jeans

At the top of my list for winter sewing was some plain knit tops, especially cream and black, that  can wear under jackets.  Next in line was a pair of black jeans.

For the tops, I went the top from McCalls M5890 (now OOP).  I’d this so many times that I had to re-trace the pattern because the original was falling apart.  The main reason that I keep going back to this pattern is because of the princess seams.  I use a binding of the neckline and armholes rather than the turned & stitched edges suggested.   I keep meaning to graft in a V neck..  I’ll get there … gunnawundae!

Anyway here they are.  The black is a lightweight silk jersey  while the bone and dark red tops are mid-weight viscose.  Nothing really exciting but they work well with other items in my closet – especially the dark red one with the Tosti jacket. Continue reading “Winter wardrobe sewing catch-up: Basic Knit tops and not-so basic jeans”

2015 Wardrobe–Waratahs & Wombats

overview.jpgAutumn is giving way to winter so I wanted tops I could wear by themselves, or under a jacket. The pants I wanted to be suitable for winter wear. I also wanted the items to fit in with at least two of the jackets that I made last year, and all to work with the leather jacket as I wear it so often.
I started with a wishlist of possible choices from surfing Polyvore. If I found an item I liked, I looked at other sets using the same piece, slowly putting together a mix-and-match set of options. From there I went through my stash looking for fabrics that I could use to make one of the items. A few of these, like the black wool & rust cotton were high on the priority list. Unfortunately there was one in particular, a printed cotton sateen that did not go well with the rust cotton, that I couldn’t work into the mix. Continue reading “2015 Wardrobe–Waratahs & Wombats”