SWAP 2018: Finished

Most years I participate in a some form of wardrobe sew-along. Initially it was PR contests but more recently SWAP (sewing with a plan) on Artisans’ Square. Here is this year’s new wardrobe.

SWAP 2018 plan vs actual
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Self-drafted Convertible Hiking Pants

A while ago, I made a knock-off  of The North Face Raven shorts.  The colour has faded but they are still in high rotation in my summer wardrobe. When I made them, I had plans of making a second version and adjusting the gusset design a little.  That was back in 2012.  It’s now 2018 and I’m finally getting around to that project. Continue reading “Self-drafted Convertible Hiking Pants”

SWAP 2018: Pink shirt and grey jeans

Over the long weekend, I got a bit of time to work on my SWAP plan.

Lekala 4002 – Baby pink cotton

The first item is a cotton shirt sewn using Lekala 4002. It is an interesting design, with a side panel and an angled yoke that extends through onto the sleeves, with a faux bow for decoration. The fabric is a tightly woven cotton – the kind that a needle has trouble punching through. The colour is a delicate pink that can almost look white depending on what it is worn with. Continue reading “SWAP 2018: Pink shirt and grey jeans”

SWAP 2018 progress update

Eeek, I can’t believe it is March already.  Where does the time go?  So far I have made four items on my SWAP plan.

The first two are the prints that I made up in December.  One is a geometric print rayon that I made up using a slightly modified version of Lekala 4439 (review on PR).  Deciding on the layout of the print actually took more time than it did to sew it, but it was worth it.  I’ve worn this top quite a few times and really love it.  The print has shades of grey, pink, black, indigo and bits of brown so it goes with a lot of things already in my wardrobe.

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SWAP 2018 planning

Potential SWAP fabrics ( shopping the stash)

I’ve been looking forward to start of SG’s 2018 SWAP next week. I am a fair way into the planning phase with two possible wardrobe plans. I dived into my stash and surfaced with a colour scheme of whites, pinks and greys. The colours of a Galah – and hence the working title of “What a Galah”. Continue reading “SWAP 2018 planning”