SWAP 2018: Finished

Most years I participate in a some form of wardrobe sew-along. Initially it was PR contests but more recently SWAP (sewing with a plan) on Artisans’ Square. Here is this year’s new wardrobe.

SWAP 2018 plan vs actual


The rules for the SWAP this year were fairly broad based – ‘you are the designer’. A limited colour palette of two neutral colours ( 3 items each) plus two prints and an accent colour or one print with two accent colours. 11 items. Each item to make at least two outfits.

Potential SWAP fabrics

I started potential plans, each based on a particular print.  While I preferred the one with the bolder colours, my preferred print didn’t work out as well as I would have liked. I’m going to have fun wearing the pants around the house and will eventually make some of the other pieces, especially the pink linen jacket.

Plan A

Plan B

Plan B was a based around a geometric print with a very careful layout. At first, I thought it was a bit bold, but I’ve grown to love it. The rest of the collection works off the geometric theme – lots of diagonal seamlines, linework in the graphic print and geo textures in the handwoven top.

For once, I’ve just about stuck to the plan. The pink shirt has been replaced with a pink T (from plan A), and the pink/white T has been made in solid white instead. A big bonus is that all the fabrics were from stash as were most of the buttons an zips. I did have to buy more weaving yarn to replace the first failed warp.

This is probably the first wardrobe where I haven’t made anything just to fit the rules. Each piece will get worn and can be combined with lots of things I already have.

SWAP 2018 – Complete wardrobe

(Links to relevant posts or reviews on PR)
Linen Jacket with silk cotton lining– Butterick 5958
White T ( Knipmode #2 Aug 2017)
Pink T ( TNT, probably Ottobre)
Graphic T – TNT, probably Ottobre
Print Shirt – Lekala 4439
Black shorts – self drafted
Hiking pants – self drafted
Pink Jeans – Knipmode Dec 2013
Grey linen pants – Knipmode May 2014 ??
Grey jeans – Knipmode Jan 2011

For more photos of the various combinations – please see the photo gallery




8 thoughts on “SWAP 2018: Finished

    1. Thank-you. For the croquis, I took a few photos of myself in my underwear, printed them out and then traced over the outline. The sketch doesn’t need to be detailed but it helps to add centre, waist and neckline curves to make it easier to sketch over. Hope that helps.

      I find them useful for checking proportions. It was interesting to compare the plan vs actual photos as I think I’m leaving the hems of my tops and jacket a little longer than I should. The proportions look better on the sketch, with a 2-3″ shorter hem.


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