SWAP 2018: Knit top and t-shirt

Just a quick  catch-up post on some sewing I did over the Easter break.  Another three items ticked off SWAP plan. Yay! Almost finished

Knipmode Aug 2017 #2 knit top

Similar to the one that I did back in October.  The pattern has the bust darts placed horizontally between the bust.  It kind of works with the rest of the design, but is VERY dependent on having the right bra.  Just a cm off with the bust height and throws the effect right off.  I have rotated the darts to the side seam – much better!

Love the seam detail of this design.  I’ve included in the my SWAP plan because the design lines are in keeping with the geometry theme and work so well with the angled yokes in the pant designs.

Pattern: Knipmode #2 Aug 2017
Fabric: Heavy cotton lycra knit
Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: 3/5
Cost:   $25
30 wears:      Easily
Quality:         Medium
Durability:     High
Fad factor:    Low-Medium
Flexibility:    High
Expected life:  5 years



Plain T-shirt

Cotton knit using my TNT pattern (Ottobre origins) with a slightly scooped neckline.  I mainly bought this fabric for the colour but it is a bit thinner than I would have liked.

Pattern:  TNT
Fabric:  Thin cotton jersey
Rating: 4/5
Difficulty: 1/5
Cost:   $10
30 wears:       Likely
Quality:         Low
Durability:     Low
Fad factor:     Low
Flexibility:      High
Expected life:  2 years

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