Knipmode August 2017 finished projects

I was really impressed with the August issue of Knipmode. I’ve earmarked 7 patterns to make up. Here are the first three – a knit top (#2), a woven top (#17) and stretch woven pants (#4).

Lately I’ve been struggling to find something that I’d like to make up as many of the patterns are slight variations on something that has come before. But this edition had some really unique patterns. Yay!!!!!

#2 Knit Top

I liked the seam detail on this and the slight drop in the back hem.  There is also a dress version as well.

I made this entirely on the sewing machine.  The fabric is a cotton lycra.  To avoid bulk on the seams, I pressed them open and used the ‘lightning’ stitch to top-stitch it.  I’ve also shortened the sleeves and given them a bit more width.

The ‘between the bust’ darts aren’t really my thing.  I think it would look better if they are rotated to the side and followed a similar angle to the inset.  Definitely one to make again – maybe with a contrast colour in the inset strips. (Edited to add…  I’ve made this again with the bust darts rotated to the side.  Much better!)


#3 & 4 Stretch woven Pants

These are an interesting design.  I love the way the back dart has been rotated to make the back a bit different.  The side seam starts at the slash pocket, curls around the back and then back to the front again.  Looks good on the magazine model, especially with the piping along the seam.

The catch is that I generally need to take 15-18cm length out of KM pants, so the curved side seam added some difficulties.  The front and back pieces butt together from the low hip down to the ankle.  So I adjusted shortened the crotch height and length at the mid thigh and calf.  Then butted the pieces together to redraw the arc of the side seam.  That kind of worked well

Based on the sloper I had made, I traced the pattern one size smaller than the pattern suggested .  I normal go down two sizes for KM pants, and that came back to bite me.  The pants turned out way to big and I couldn’t take them in along that curved seam!  So I’ve taken in as much as I could along the back crotch curve and inseam.  The pant leg is starting to twist because of it.

These were only destined to be a tester pair and I’ll have another try starting from the smaller size.  The back pockets will need to be made smaller ( or omitted)

#17 Woven Top

This top is so cute!  There is other versions, both dresses with different skirt styles.  I made a muslin for this one and tweaked the fit over the bust.  It is very easy to do with this style.  The top is quite short.  Even on a vertically challenge person like myself, I had to add 5cm to length.

The pattern calls for a side zipper, but I found I didn’t need one.

Love, love, love this top.  It is perfect for an Aussie summer and I know I’ll be making a few more versions in the future.

The fabric is a cotton, with inlay spots.

And still on the sewing list…

4 thoughts on “Knipmode August 2017 finished projects

  1. That last top is really beautiful! Good to know it’s so short, will make a note. I’ve made knit top #2 in ponte and it was a bit tight. Still deciding if I go up a size or change to a stretchier fabric. If only Knipmode was more specific about the amount of stretch needed! Pant making must be extra challenging when you have to take out so much length. Hope your second version will be perfect.


    1. I agree with you that it would be nice to know how much stretch is needed (Lekala is just the same, if not worse). I thought the knit would be a bit snug, which is why I went for the extra stretch. The ponte sounds nice. It would show off the seaming better.


  2. These are interesting designs. I have just made Vogue 1247, which is a woven top with similar design lines to that first knit top. I would buy this issue for #24 alone.


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