Help Needed: choosing fabric for next project

Help! I need to make a new kit for cycling ie cycling shorts and a jersey. When (if?) the weather finally turns cold and it rains, I want to add thermal leggings and most likely a light waterproof shell. I can’t settle on which print to use. Here are my choices, which one would you pick for me?

Option 1: Floral panels.

This fabric is actually panels for bikini tops but I bought it to use as inserts. So think of it as matching pairs at a jersey neckline, at the cuffs or ankles or added into the side panel of nix. Potentially, I can pair it with solid black, white or pink. I also have a short length of the black and white print too.

Option 2: Mayan print

This one is a purplish-blue with neon pink/coral. I’ve got solids in similar colours to go with it, as well as black. The solid neon pink really in-your-face so I’ll use it sparingly.

Option 3: Lime and Charcoal Filigree print

I have two coordinating prints – white or charcoal backgrounds. For solids I have white, lime, charcoal and black. Plus there is a WP softshell fabric that has a charcoal face with lime fleecy lining that I’d like to make over the winter.

OK, so there they are. Which is your pick?

Thanks for your help!


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