DIY kayak spray skirt and half deck

In theory, this should be an easy project.  A couple of seams, seam-sealed, elastic tunnel on the edges… project done.  Too minor snags – no pattern and I don’t have access to the kayak I’m making it for.  Plus as they weren’t for me, extra pressure to get it right. Continue reading “DIY kayak spray skirt and half deck”

Trialling Unicose Patterns

I’ve known about Unicose patterns for a while now and having been wanting to give them a try.  Their designs are quite extensive – the usual fair plus quite a lot of menswear, activewear and complex jacket designs.  In the past, I’ve drafted a couple of items inspired by their designs.  Recently, I plucked up the courage to purchase a few patterns to try.

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McCall’s 7446 Tank Top and Self Drafted Cycling Shorts

Recently I drafted a pair of cycling bib shorts and have found them so great to wear. They have become my favourites and wear them in preference to the elastic waist type shorts. That’s my excuse to make another pair and a tank top to wear with them. Continue reading “McCall’s 7446 Tank Top and Self Drafted Cycling Shorts”

New swimsuit : Merckwaerdigh BAD24

This swimsuit pattern would have to be my favourite. It is Merckwaerdigh BAD24.  I love the design, especially the ‘flow’ of the black bands, and is very flattering.  It would also have to be one the most comfortable suits I’ve worn and is my favourite to wear kayaking – lots of freedom of movement in the shoulders.Merk_BAD24 Continue reading “New swimsuit : Merckwaerdigh BAD24”

Self drafted cycling jersey and bib shorts

I’ve been wanting to draft my own pattern for cycling shorts for years.  And I’m not talking about leggings here.  Real bike shorts designed to work with the shape of your leg while cycling, not standing.  I decided to go the whole hog and draft a pattern for bib shorts as well as a raglan jersey.  Here’s the story…. Continue reading “Self drafted cycling jersey and bib shorts”

Cycling jerseys and other stuff

The Tour de France started last week and I’ve been staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning to watch the live stages.  It’s the perfect excuse to set up the cutting table in front of the TV each night and get some serious sewing time in. Continue reading “Cycling jerseys and other stuff”

Lekala 4708: North Face Knock-off

One of the best things about sewing is being able to knock-off designer brands.  Not only to you get a custom fit garment at a fraction of the price, you also have control over the colours and fabrics.   This Lekala pattern (4708) looks to be based roughly on The North Face’s Arcata hoodie.

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Help Needed: choosing fabric for next project

Help! I need to make a new kit for cycling ie cycling shorts and a jersey. When (if?) the weather finally turns cold and it rains, I want to add thermal leggings and most likely a light waterproof shell. I can’t settle on which print to use. Here are my choices, which one would you pick for me? Continue reading “Help Needed: choosing fabric for next project”

DIY kayak spray skirt

Today’s project is a replacement for the spray skirt for the TK1. The current skirt came with the kayak when I bought it some 20 years ago. It was second hand then and already a veteran of a few Murray Marathons.   It has served it’s owners well but  has now mostly delaminated and parts of the waist casing have split. Continue reading “DIY kayak spray skirt”

Tour de France with the Pattern Stash

I love watching the live stages of the Tour de France each year. You get to see so much more of the tactics and scenery than with the daily highlights, plus there is no spoiler on the morning news to tell you who won and my how much. The snag is that the stages generally run from 9pm to 2am in the morning. It’s hard to stay awake, but this year I started sewing as I watched the race.

For 21 stages of the race, I’ve sewn 23 patterns from my stash!  2 jackets, 1 vest, 9 tops, 5 pants, 3 gloves, a bar and a pair of slippers Continue reading “Tour de France with the Pattern Stash”