SWAP 2018: Pink shirt and grey jeans

Over the long weekend, I got a bit of time to work on my SWAP plan.

Lekala 4002 – Baby pink cotton

The first item is a cotton shirt sewn using Lekala 4002. It is an interesting design, with a side panel and an angled yoke that extends through onto the sleeves, with a faux bow for decoration. The fabric is a tightly woven cotton – the kind that a needle has trouble punching through. The colour is a delicate pink that can almost look white depending on what it is worn with.

The second finished object is a pair of jeans.  It is a Knipmode pattern that I’ve made a couple of times before.  I like the angled front yoke and pocket details of this design and I think it works well with the ‘angled geometry’ theme.  The fabric is a stonewashed denim, a little heavy for summer wear, but will be good when the temperature finally starts to fall.


Knipmode #6 Jan 2011 – Grey denim jeans
Side pocket detail

I’m hoping to get a bit more done over the coming weekend.  The weather is supposed to be horrendous (like 30C at 5am) with howling hot northerly winds.  Nasty fire weather that always makes me very edgy.  We’ve had a couple of fires close to us over the summer ( close enough to have ash falling on us) so I’ll be very relieved when the weather cools off or we got some much-needed rain.  Good excuse to take my mind off it with some sewing.


2 thoughts on “SWAP 2018: Pink shirt and grey jeans

  1. Your first blouse’s details are quite interesting and love the side pocket detail on your jeans. The weather at the moment is weird, did you get any of the rain we are being hammered with?


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