SWAP 2018 planning

Potential SWAP fabrics ( shopping the stash)

I’ve been looking forward to start of SG’s 2018 SWAP next week. I am a fair way into the planning phase with two possible wardrobe plans. I dived into my stash and surfaced with a colour scheme of whites, pinks and greys. The colours of a Galah – and hence the working title of “What a Galah”.

Option 1 – Geometric inspired

The first wardrobe is based around a geometric print which has just made into a shirt. The pattern matching was a challenge. It took just as long to do the layout ( and redo the layout quite a few times) than it did to sew it. It was worth it though as I think the end result is quite striking. The pattern is Lekala 4439 which I’ve reviewed on PR.


These are the other fabrics which will be in this group.

For the patterns, I chose designs that would bring out the “geometry” theme – so lots of angles in the style lines. Colours are white, pearl grey, light dusky pink and charcoal. My pick of the doodles.

Geometrics – more contrast

I like all the pieces but as a collection, it is a bit bland and perhaps not enough contrast in the colours for me. Adding some denim in to the bottoms to pick up the navy in the print gives it a lift. But moves away from my Galah colour scheme. I already have a lot of things in my wardrobe that would work with this shirt so I probably don’t really need to build a new wardrobe around the print – just a couple of additions would be enough.

Some other options

Option 2 – Sportalm inspired

This wardrobe is based around a second print that I want to make as pants. Hopefully I’ll get to them next week. The print is a lot more vibrant, so my colours are white, a darker dusty pink, mid grey and black.


Here is the doodle for the wardrobe. Most of the designs are knock-offs from Sportalm. It includes a couple of shirts that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Design-wise there is more work in the pattern making for this one. But I am a bit more inspired by this grouping.

Option 2

This is probably my favourite.

What do you think? Any suggestions welcome

3 thoughts on “SWAP 2018 planning

  1. The pattern matching in your shirt was so worth it, glad I’m not the only one that gets this, it looks amazing.

    I like the 2nd option the styles seems to be more of what you make or is it that the picture is larger.


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