Yellow Shirt – Drafted from scratch

A short sleeved fitted shirt with collar and stand.  Not overly remarkable in itself, but did I mention that I hand-drafted it, from my measurements?

Yay, I finally got the bodice block drafted and fitted. Like the pants block, this one also turned out to be a bit of an epic. Continue reading “Yellow Shirt – Drafted from scratch”

A knitwear design experiment

You have to love a Victorian spring.  35oC one day, snowing on the mountains the next.  Considering the summer we are likely to get, I relished the cool weather while it lasted. Today is back up to 37, but the brief reprieve got me thinking about starting a jumper (sweater) for next winter.

I’m a very slow knitter so if I start now, it might be ready in time.  I’ve only completed three jumpers even though I’ve probably started at least a dozen, maybe more.  I tend to lose interest when I realise that it either won’t fit or won’t suit me.  The crazy thing is that I still just pick a pattern from a book and knit as directed.  If it was a sewing project that I’d be spending so much time on, I’d be doing a few sketches and working out what alterations I needed before hand. Continue reading “A knitwear design experiment”

Craftsy Class Review: Pattern Making + Design – The Pant Sloper

Remember my New Year’s resolution to do something with the classes that I’ve purchased on Craftsy?  During August I decided that I wanted to get a better pant sloper.  The pant base that I’ve been using was based on a Patrones pattern and my jeans pattern was based on a Knipmode pattern.  Both have been great patterns, but I have been using the original pattern as a working pattern and over time the shape has been trimmed or tweaked.  I’m also finding that since getting orthotics to help relieve the nerve pain in my ankle, my posture has changed.  So it’s a good time to revisit my patterns and what better way than to draft the pattern from scratch and put the class Patternmaking + Design: The Pants Sloper to the test.

Continue reading “Craftsy Class Review: Pattern Making + Design – The Pant Sloper”

Craftsy Class Review: Drawing fashion flats

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to watch and make use of the Craftsy classes I’ve accumulated.  I’ve also stuffed my ankle so I’m looking for more sedentary things to do at the moment (twiddling my thumbs for 3-4 months is going to test my patience).

Anyway, the first class I’ve watched has been Drawing Fashion Flats: Designing Construction Details   I often do sketches when I’m trying to knock off a garment I’ve seen or see how a pattern’s proportions work on my croquis, so I thought I’d give this class a go.   I have been working on plans for a summer wardrobe, so I could put the class to work by drawing out my plan. Continue reading “Craftsy Class Review: Drawing fashion flats”