Summer wardrobe planning

To put my fashion flats drawings to the test, I’ve been using them to plan my summer sewing.  Two possible wardrobes are emerging with the colour scheme coming from the choice of swimsuit fabric.  One is a colourful ink-blotch print and the other is a striking digital print.

After doing the tech drawings, I’ve scanned them in so I have a digital copy that are all the same scale.  It was fairly easy to identify a few of the designs which didn’t suit me.  I also printed a reduced scale version that I cut up like playing cards to match with the fabrics I had in mind.  It made mixing and matching the patterns a lot easier as I could compare the proportions of a top with a bottom. Continue reading “Summer wardrobe planning”

Craftsy Class Review: Drawing fashion flats

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to watch and make use of the Craftsy classes I’ve accumulated.  I’ve also stuffed my ankle so I’m looking for more sedentary things to do at the moment (twiddling my thumbs for 3-4 months is going to test my patience).

Anyway, the first class I’ve watched has been Drawing Fashion Flats: Designing Construction Details   I often do sketches when I’m trying to knock off a garment I’ve seen or see how a pattern’s proportions work on my croquis, so I thought I’d give this class a go.   I have been working on plans for a summer wardrobe, so I could put the class to work by drawing out my plan. Continue reading “Craftsy Class Review: Drawing fashion flats”