That hand-knitted jumper is finished

Just wanted to say a big thank-you to those who left comments when I asked for advice on the best style for my hand-knit jumper (A knitwear design experiment). I finished it a couple of weeks ago and am loving it. Continue reading “That hand-knitted jumper is finished”

A knitwear design experiment

You have to love a Victorian spring.  35oC one day, snowing on the mountains the next.  Considering the summer we are likely to get, I relished the cool weather while it lasted. Today is back up to 37, but the brief reprieve got me thinking about starting a jumper (sweater) for next winter.

I’m a very slow knitter so if I start now, it might be ready in time.  I’ve only completed three jumpers even though I’ve probably started at least a dozen, maybe more.  I tend to lose interest when I realise that it either won’t fit or won’t suit me.  The crazy thing is that I still just pick a pattern from a book and knit as directed.  If it was a sewing project that I’d be spending so much time on, I’d be doing a few sketches and working out what alterations I needed before hand. Continue reading “A knitwear design experiment”