That hand-knitted jumper is finished

Just wanted to say a big thank-you to those who left comments when I asked for advice on the best style for my hand-knit jumper (A knitwear design experiment). I finished it a couple of weeks ago and am loving it.

As a recap, my knitting experiments usually don’t end well. Partly because I loose interest, but also because the fit or style isn’t what I’d hoped for. After watching a couple of Craftsy/Blueprint classes, I decided to try to draft my own pattern and made a few sketches to choose the best silhouette. The feedback was to make the V-neck design, rather than my preferred wrap collar (the one on the left).

The body of the jumper was fairly straight forward, although working out how to do finish the neckline was a bit nerve-racking. I’ve never knitted a v-neck band, so to have to calculate the number of pickup stitches and how to work the centre bind-offs, was a leap of faith. It’s not perfect but it’s encouraging.


It’s a little baggier than I’d hoped but I love wearing it. It grew after I washed it a second time, loosing a bit of the texture as well. Should I have washed the initial swatch a couple of times to check the gauge?

Double moss jumper

And a scarf

I lovely project on a wet and squally day.  Woven on the ridgid heddle using a space-dyed sock yarn for the warp and a faux fur yarn for the weft.  So so soft 🙂

In progress…. Sock yarn warp and faux fur weft

finished scarf

  1. Lovely sweater!
    From the comment section on this yarn on Ravelry growth is not unheard of. You may try to pull it together using a tumble dryer in short, often checked, bursts on it while damp.



    1. Thanks – I might give that a try. I just had a look at your link and wished I would have seen it sooner. I hope it doesn’t pill



  2. I love your sweater – you did a great job. The V-neck ribbing is knitted perfectly!



  3. I am so far behind and your new jumper looks perfect. The new scarf sounds so soft.



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