Capris – A bit of fun

Last spring, I picked up this fabric in the remnant section for a couple of some small change. It is an organic cotton from Cloud 9; lovely soft feel to it. I liked the little bit of yellow in the print and thought it would be good to pair with the yellow top.

The plan was to make a pair of printed jeans, something like this…

So, you would think it would be a straight forward project, just a little bit of tweaking to level up the lines across the pattern pieces.  But no, check out the flaws in the pattern repeat…

sparse and dense sections of the pattern repeat causing banding

You would think that a fabric design company like Cloud 9 would have the skills to blend the edges of the pattern repeat and avoid this type of thing. And also, that I would pay more attention to the repeat before I purchased the fabric. The bands would look really obvious on a pant leg so I ended up cutting each piece separately to avoid the banding as much as possible. This took up more fabric and I didn’t have enough to make full length pants. I umm’d and arr’d over the decision to make capris, Bermudas or shorts and ended up going with capris.

The pattern is adapted from my pant sloper : Back dart changed to yoke, back pocket with curved edges (and pattern matched), slightly wider waistband

Nothing flash, but a bit of fun to help get though the summer.

Capris- don’t take them too seriously

Sewing Project Score card

3 thoughts on “Capris – A bit of fun

  1. Clever! And I would expect a flaw as obvious as this to be marked by the seller, even in the remnant section. Good save though and cute capris. Are you surviving over there?


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