Handwoven: Veggie basket from garden prunings

How cool is this? A lovely handwoven basket made from prunings from the garden. Just perfect for harvesting the vegies. The idea for the basket came from a recent episode of Gardening Australia (fact sheet and video here).  Making the basket is fairly easy, although a bit time consuming. The shape of this one is quite broad and perfect for harvesting vegies and fruit.  Finished dimensions for the base is 60cm x 35cm and 20cm deep

The main frame of the basket and the darker woven canes are from an Indigophera that I had to pull out. I’d planted it near the frog pond to give it some shade and somewhere for the birds to sit and preen after a dip. While it did it’s job, I only just realised that that the leaves were traditionally used to stun fish in waterholes. No wonder a lot of the pond-life struggled after it was planted! I’ve given the pond a good clean out.  Recent rain has refilled it and there are tadpoles again. So sad to have to rip the plant out, especially as it was putting out flower buds, but it had to be done. At least we have put it to good use.

starting the basket
Main frame from Indigophora stems

The twine on the God’s eyes and handle were made from Dianella prunings. It is easy to work with and makes a soft twine. Although twining is very slow, it is quite meditative to sit in the afternoon sun and twist away.

basket in progress
Finishing the frame and starting the infill

The lighter coloured weaving on the base is from Lomandra prunings. This part took what seemed like ages as it is quite densely packed.

finished basket
Finished basket

4 thoughts on “Handwoven: Veggie basket from garden prunings

  1. Wow that is so beautiful. I am so sorry about having to cut down a tree that was going well, may the next one be luckier. But it lives on in more harmonious functionality, that seems fitting


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