Handwoven: Happy accident scarf

My latest scarf is a bit of a happy accident. Collapse weave without even trying 🙂 Collapse weave is where the fabric naturally forms peaks and troughs as though it has been pleated or shirred, It does that because of the tensions within the warp and weft threads rather than any treatment.

It started off with a skein of hand-painted yarn that I bought at a weaver’s market. It’s from the same person who dyed the skein used in my orange & blue scarf.

Hand-painted skeins

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Weaving: Canasta scarf finished

What a difference a little colour makes!

My initial sample for this scarf was really dull and lifeless so I’ve made a couple of changes.

Where I had the white & grey stripes, I’ve added in space dyed yarn – a mixture of deep green with orange and lime highlights. Continue reading “Weaving: Canasta scarf finished”

Weaving: Starting a new scarf

After all the work I’ve been doing on pant drafting, I’ve decided to start a new weaving project before I try to draft out a pair of jeans.

The weaving group is doing a “weaving canasta”.  You draw 5 cards from a deck, each with a different weaving requirement.  Then you make something using those 5 requirements.  My second card had ‘satin weave’ and since I only have 4 shafts, I was able to replace it. Yay!

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