Weaving: Starting a new scarf

After all the work I’ve been doing on pant drafting, I’ve decided to start a new weaving project before I try to draft out a pair of jeans.

The weaving group is doing a “weaving canasta”.  You draw 5 cards from a deck, each with a different weaving requirement.  Then you make something using those 5 requirements.  My second card had ‘satin weave’ and since I only have 4 shafts, I was able to replace it. Yay!

So my cards are…

  1. Orange
  2. Use only wool
  3. Atwater – Bronson Lace
  4. Thick and thin
  5. Variegated weft

Using only wool has been the tricky one as I have some lovely mixed fibres and silks that would have worked out really well.

My initial idea was to use a plain charcoal background with a variegated sock yarn.  The sock yarn was to be put in a check pattern, similar to a Burberry check, but having the stripe woven in the lace pattern on a plain weave background.

first design

I’ve been told that I play to ‘safe’ with my colours, so I’m not going to use the charcoal yarn.  Instead I’ve ombre dyed a skein of wool in a light peach – just subtle variegation.  That’s my orange and variegated weft sorted out.  Using the same structure I had before for the lace.  Just thick/thin to do.  I’m going to use a light grey mohair bouclé yarn to outline the stripe sections.  Ok, it’s a light charcoal ( not as adventurous after all) but it’s just 8 warp threads – and I think the colours look good together.

wraps with apricot yarn

The warp is ready to go onto the loom.

warp chains ready for the loom

Here is how the sample turned out.  I like how the lace turned out but I don’t like the look of the sample.  Bedraggled old dishcloth?  I need to work out how to bring this to life more.  I think I’ll change the colour of the warp stripes (be a little more adventurous)  and use add more lace in the design.  I also need to change the lift-plan as my foot was screaming at me after just doing this sample.

sample detail
washed sample

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