Designer Knock-off: Balmain Biker Pant

The third type of pant drafted from the sloper I made is a cigarette pant style. I’ve used the Balmain Biker pants as the inspiration.

Balmain Biker Pant (Source

The adjustments for a cigarette pant is mainly in reducing the crotch extension and narrowing the leg.  For this pant, I’ve also shortened the rise and added in seam details and zippered welt pockets.  The seams on the front knees incorporate small darts to give the bent knee effect.

Balmain Biker Knockoff Tech Drawing


The fabric is a stretch cotton sateen.  It doesn’t have the stretch recovery needed for super skinny jeans, so I’ve left some ease in the leg.   The top-stitching in the panel above the knee is done using a triple stitch.  I played around with samples to get the effect of the original jeans without losing the stretch of the fabric.

Knee detail

I’ve removed the original zipper pulls and replaced them with metal charms.

front detail
back pocket

The T-shirt is from an Ottobe pattern.  Made in cotton rugby jersey with two rows of hot-fix nail heads.

Balmain Biker Pant Knock-off


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