Embroidered owl and Giraffe stencil tees

eye detail

Lately I’ve been thinking about making an Alabama Chanin style top.  The idea came to me as I wanted to make the asymmetric top in a recent Knipmode mag, but couldn’t find matching plain and print fabrics.  So it  would be a good excuse to make my own print or embellished fabrics.  I’ve always wanted to make an AC style garment.  But I’m not sure if I can actually pull it off.  Partly because I live in a rural area, and I don’t want to look like I’ve just stepped out of the paddock in my ripped ‘mufties’.  The other reason, I’m hesitant is that I adore good craftsmanship and some of the AC techniques look a little rough ‘n’ ready.  So the question is,  how to make arty and not like I lost a fight with the lawnmower?

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