Weaving progress and Wall to Wall Festival

The weaving for my top is going well.  I’m about half way through and it is looking really good so far.  I’ve been chipping away at it, half an hour to an hour at a time.  Just enjoying throwing the shuttle back and forth.  Relaxing, almost mesmerizing.

Initially, I was having trouble with the lattice pattern ( 18 sequence pattern).  For some reason I would treadle the second block incorrectly and not notice until I’d woven an inch or two.  Lots of un-weaving or cutting threads out.  I switched the treadle tie-up on treadles 2 & 5 so that I was treading the pattern picks for the first block all on the left treadles and the second block all on the right.  Once done, I hardly made any mistakes.  Just the occasional “forgetting where I’m up to”  when DH asked a question.  He got used to me starting the conversation with the pick number.. ” 8-left!  Remember that. ” then on with the conversation, ending with ” did I say 8-left?” Continue reading “Weaving progress and Wall to Wall Festival”