Controlled Exposure Mountain Pants

These are photos of a pair of Goretex pants that I made for DH back in 2010.  The pattern is Controlled Exposure #55 – Mountain Pants.  It was originally reviewed on Pattern Review.  Apologies if you’ve seen this before, but I was trying to fix the photo links for someone but I’m getting an error when I try to save the changes.  So I’m posting them here so they can been seen.

controlled exposure mountain pants
controlled exposure mountain pants – front assembly
controlled exposure mountain pants – turn
controlled exposure mountain pants – pocket detail
controlled exposure mountain pants – back
controlled exposure mountain pants – quick release
controlled exposure mountain pants – the jump Telemark test

2 thoughts on “Controlled Exposure Mountain Pants

  1. A little over a year and a half since I asked about the pics on and finally jumping in to assemble the project. Nothing like a scheduled trip to provide the motivation. Materials ordered (including thread just in case.)

    I’m seriously considering heat bonded seams with the Pellon polyamide strips (they brand these as EZ Steam 2.) There are VERY few reviews on the topic, however, all the high end gear coming out now is completely bonded versus stitched. The fallback is this material can be stitched if deemed to be needed at a later time.

    I’m also considering dropping the pockets in favor of thigh accessible pockets. The ones on my current array of shorts/pants have proven to be extremely convenient when in the field. The hitch here being how well the bonding tests go.

    You noted the challenges of using the seam sealing tape so I’m looking for any pointers you might recall from when you did the project for your husband – though I know it was some time ago. The arc in the crotch area looks to be the most challenging section. How did you manage that portion?

    Also, going the bonding route implies a bit more precision in cutting out the parts. Any suggestions on best approach and any specific tools to use?


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