Designer Knock-off: Marmot Ginny Pants

My first real pants drafted from the sloper I made is based on the Marmot Ginny hiking pant. I love the back pocket. The shape of the pant is very similar to the pant sloper. The main thing I needed to draft was the patch pockets on the front and back.

Marmot Ginny Tech Drawing

The front pocket is a simple patch pocket with a slanted opening. Instead of adding a facing, I stitched the trim onto the pocket edge, enclosing the seam. To add the tab closure if stitched into the seam on the front pant piece.

Front pocket construction

The back pocket started as a standard rectangular pocket, then the corners are removed. The section above the trim is a separate piece. Pleats are then added. The pocket is constructed so that the seam between the two pieces is enclosed by the trim.

Back pocket – adding pleats
Back pockets
Back pocket attached

I forget to square up the lower leg to be able to roll it up. But in all, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

The fabric is a lightweight cotton. The weave is very tight with the sewing machine working fairly hard to push the needle through it. It should be good for hiking – lightweight but tough.  The shirt is made from a printed mesh using Knipmode July 2015 #2.

Marmot also has a short version of the pant which I’d like to make over the summer.

2 thoughts on “Designer Knock-off: Marmot Ginny Pants

  1. Beautiful knock-off. I never thought of making a pair of hiking pants myself and this is making me think about it (could be ages before I do it though).
    Your drawings are very good too.


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