T-shirt Project: Iron-on transfers

tp_2016_01aThis year I’d like to have a play with different surface art and embellishment techniques.  So each month, I’m challenging myself to make a t-shirt using a different technique.  To kick off my January project, I thought I’d start with an easy one – iron on transfers.

The project for this was a new set winter pyjamas ( New Look 6216).  Yes, I know it is the middle of summer here, but it is a good chance to have a play.  The flannelette for the PJ bottoms has a really cute fox print and I was careful to cut the fabric so as to match the prints.  I then scanned one of motifs using the flatbed scanner on my printer.  Taking a photo would also have worked. Continue reading “T-shirt Project: Iron-on transfers”

Designer Knock-off: Marmot Lobo’s shorts

I have been snoop shopping for a good design for boardshorts and decided to adapt these Marmot Lobo’s shorts.  My ideal boardshorts are short enough to swim in without a heap of baggy fabric, but long enough that I can stop off at the local cafe on my way to the lake and not feel too self conscious.

The Marmot Lobo’s have slant pockets on the front and welt pockets on the back.  There is also a small side pocket with an  exposed zipper to hold a car key in.  I like the style of these, especially the curved lines around the pockets .  The outside looks fairly plain with a neat line of top stitching showing the line of the internal pockets. Continue reading “Designer Knock-off: Marmot Lobo’s shorts”