Summer wardrobe planning

To put my fashion flats drawings to the test, I’ve been using them to plan my summer sewing.  Two possible wardrobes are emerging with the colour scheme coming from the choice of swimsuit fabric.  One is a colourful ink-blotch print and the other is a striking digital print.

After doing the tech drawings, I’ve scanned them in so I have a digital copy that are all the same scale.  It was fairly easy to identify a few of the designs which didn’t suit me.  I also printed a reduced scale version that I cut up like playing cards to match with the fabrics I had in mind.  It made mixing and matching the patterns a lot easier as I could compare the proportions of a top with a bottom.

Option 1: “Light and bright”

This first wardrobe option, using the ink-blotch print, is in keeping with the rules for this year’s SWAP on Stitcher’s Guild.  I found the ‘overs’ problematic as summer (>400C) is really shorts and tanks weather.  But I’m trying to use semi-sheers or light shirts to get around it.

Option 1 tech drawings
Option 1 tech drawings
Option 1: "Light and bright"
Option 1: “Light and bright”

Option 2: Orange, blue and grey

This second one is a bit more appealing but is better for spring/autumn. It also works in with many of the pieces from last year’s SWAP that used cream, blue and burnt orange.

There is enough common elements there to make are start and see where it goes from there.  First up will be to test the strapless bra pattern.  It will give me an indication if the swimsuit and cami versions are worth making or if I’ll use other patterns.

What do you think? Any preferences??

Option 2 tech drawings
Option 2 tech drawings
Option 2: Orange, blue and grey
Option 2: Orange, blue and grey

3 thoughts on “Summer wardrobe planning

  1. I like the 2nd one too. I love your flats and the way you have illustrated your wardrobe ideas. I am looking forward to seeing the items made up. Thanks for sharing.


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