A blouse within a blouse

This project started of as a test garment for McCalls 7387, which was an utter fail. If it hadn’t been for the nice print and a perfect button placket (made using a new technique), I would have given up. With a bit of pattern tetris, I was able to transform it into a blouse that I love.

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Pattern Review: Cashmerette Ames Jeans

In my zest for cleaning out my pattern drawer, I managed to lose my TNT jeans pattern. (Insert sound of whimpering here). It was based on a Knipmode (Jan 2011) pattern for boyfriend jeans that had been laboriously tweaked into close-fitting jeans than I’ve made over and over (easily 20 times). And it’s gone!!! Waaaa!!! Continue reading “Pattern Review: Cashmerette Ames Jeans”

Pattern Review :Lekala 4177 ( Peplum blouse) in black silk


This pattern is a 1 yard wonder!  The peplum takes up most of the fabric, but it is possible to lay the bodice and sleeve pieces around it.

With a number of peplum patterns coming out lately, I decided to give this a go.   I love the way the peplum sits.  It doesn’t have as much fullness as the BMV patterns I’ve looked at and this suits me much better – skims rather than flounces. I wasn’t sure how the hi-lo hem would go as side-on they can just look ill-fitting ( like the hem is being raised because you need an FBA) but it doesn’t look too bad. The length on the front and back is very flattering.  I also like the custom fit on this pattern, as I normally have to make a lot of adjustments for being short with narrow shoulders. It is so nice just to trace out the pattern and sew.

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