‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 1

I’ve been enjoying working on my hiking wardrobe as part of the Artisan’s Square SWAP (and I’ve been slack about posting updates as I need to take some photos).  Progress has been a little low, mainly because most of the designs are RTW knock-offs that need a fair bit of drafting.  Then there are the 2 convertible pants which both have 7-8 zippers each: 1 fly, 2 welt, 2 separating, 2 invisible and extra pocket zipper. Continue reading “‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 1”

Lekala 4162: Linen Blazer

Linen Jacket

A couple of months back, I found some gorgeous natural linen fabric from my local indie fabric shop.  I bought enough for a pair of pants and shorts.  After making the pants, I decided to make a matching jacket instead of the shorts.   I chose the Lekala 4162 pattern as I’ve had good fitting results with their patterns and liked the style of the jacket. Continue reading “Lekala 4162: Linen Blazer”

Lekala 4305 (Jacket With Stand Collar) in Denim

Detail view
Detail view

Last year I made the pattern last year “as-is” in leather and have worn it a lot. I have used the pattern as a base to knock-off of the Kuhl Burr jacket. This post covers the design changes that I made. Please see the original post for more detail on the original pattern / instructions etc. Continue reading “Lekala 4305 (Jacket With Stand Collar) in Denim”

Pattern Review :Lekala 4177 ( Peplum blouse) in black silk


This pattern is a 1 yard wonder!  The peplum takes up most of the fabric, but it is possible to lay the bodice and sleeve pieces around it.

With a number of peplum patterns coming out lately, I decided to give this a go.   I love the way the peplum sits.  It doesn’t have as much fullness as the BMV patterns I’ve looked at and this suits me much better – skims rather than flounces. I wasn’t sure how the hi-lo hem would go as side-on they can just look ill-fitting ( like the hem is being raised because you need an FBA) but it doesn’t look too bad. The length on the front and back is very flattering.  I also like the custom fit on this pattern, as I normally have to make a lot of adjustments for being short with narrow shoulders. It is so nice just to trace out the pattern and sew.

I may sew this again with a variation in the collar or sleeves. Continue reading “Pattern Review :Lekala 4177 ( Peplum blouse) in black silk”

Lekala 4167 (Jacket in Military Style) in Textured Wool

2015_02_c.jpg I love it! It feels so nice to put it on and I know I’m going to wear it a lot!To my amazement, there are no wrinkles, the sleeve hangs perfectly, and doesn’t bind when I lift my arm up. I’ve also really surprised myself with the construction. 12 months ago, I could only dream of sewing a jacket as well as this.

This jacket is a combination of Lekala 4167 (main silhouette) and Lekala 5548 (dart configuration and sleeve fit). Continue reading “Lekala 4167 (Jacket in Military Style) in Textured Wool”

Lekala 4425 (Blouse with ruche) in raw silk


I found a photo of this top somewhere on Polyvore last year. It can’t remember the designer, but I loved the top. I was going to try drafting it, but on a whim I submitted the photo into Lekala’s “Suggest new style”. It got the most number of votes that week and a couple of weeks later, the pattern was it up on their web site- made to your measurements – and only for a couple of dollars . The kind of thing you only dream about. Thanks Lekala!!! Continue reading “Lekala 4425 (Blouse with ruche) in raw silk”