‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 3

The third pack in the SWAP consists of two garments that use the same colour scheme as the first two packs and tie them together.

Pack 1 was off-white, with the print in the top including blue and browns.

Pack 2 was mainly blue, but the shorts also had a dash of tan.

So this pack features shades of off-white, mid-brown and blue with a orange highlights.  Orange will feature in the final pack. Continue reading “‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 3”

‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 2

The next part of the new wardrobe is the blue pack – tencel denim shirt, linen jeans and cotton shorts.  The details and photos are below.  But first, a quick update on the progress of the scarf.  I’ve wound the yarn onto the warping board.  It was quite a slow process trying to keep the colours stacked as they were in the skein for 140 threads.  There is a lot more light blue than I thought, but I can use those areas for the loom waste.  Here is a picture, love the colours!!!! Continue reading “‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 2”

‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 1

I’ve been enjoying working on my hiking wardrobe as part of the Artisan’s Square SWAP (and I’ve been slack about posting updates as I need to take some photos).  Progress has been a little low, mainly because most of the designs are RTW knock-offs that need a fair bit of drafting.  Then there are the 2 convertible pants which both have 7-8 zippers each: 1 fly, 2 welt, 2 separating, 2 invisible and extra pocket zipper. Continue reading “‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Pack 1”

Lekala 4162: Linen Blazer

Linen Jacket

A couple of months back, I found some gorgeous natural linen fabric from my local indie fabric shop.  I bought enough for a pair of pants and shorts.  After making the pants, I decided to make a matching jacket instead of the shorts.   I chose the Lekala 4162 pattern as I’ve had good fitting results with their patterns and liked the style of the jacket. Continue reading “Lekala 4162: Linen Blazer”

T-shirt Project: Mokume shibori

Proenza Schouler tie dye t-shirt This project started off looking for a way to knock-off this Proenza Schouler t-shirt.  It is a tie-dyed t-shirt retailing around AU$400 on ShopStyle.  I just hope that most of the cost was involved in the labour to make the t-shirt, rather than the label.

My initial thoughts on how to replicate the patterning was to make horizontal accordion folds and then place rubber bands every 1- 1 .5”.  The dye would need to be applied in stripes, with a couple of contrast stripes thrown in.  My previous attempts at this type of tie-dye hadn’t worked very well, so I thought I’d have a look at a shibori technique called Mokume (woodgrain).  It is a stitched resist form of dyeing and creates patterns like you find in  ripples of sand at the beach. Continue reading “T-shirt Project: Mokume shibori”

T-shirt Project: Iron-on transfers

tp_2016_01aThis year I’d like to have a play with different surface art and embellishment techniques.  So each month, I’m challenging myself to make a t-shirt using a different technique.  To kick off my January project, I thought I’d start with an easy one – iron on transfers.

The project for this was a new set winter pyjamas ( New Look 6216).  Yes, I know it is the middle of summer here, but it is a good chance to have a play.  The flannelette for the PJ bottoms has a really cute fox print and I was careful to cut the fabric so as to match the prints.  I then scanned one of motifs using the flatbed scanner on my printer.  Taking a photo would also have worked. Continue reading “T-shirt Project: Iron-on transfers”

Designer Knock-off: Marmot Lobo’s shorts

I have been snoop shopping for a good design for boardshorts and decided to adapt these Marmot Lobo’s shorts.  My ideal boardshorts are short enough to swim in without a heap of baggy fabric, but long enough that I can stop off at the local cafe on my way to the lake and not feel too self conscious.

The Marmot Lobo’s have slant pockets on the front and welt pockets on the back.  There is also a small side pocket with an  exposed zipper to hold a car key in.  I like the style of these, especially the curved lines around the pockets .  The outside looks fairly plain with a neat line of top stitching showing the line of the internal pockets. Continue reading “Designer Knock-off: Marmot Lobo’s shorts”

The swimsuit 2016: Part 2

My togs are finished and road- swim- tested!   Armed with the English instructions the pieces went together like a breeze.  I’m really happy with how they have turned out.  You can see part 1 here.
Merckwaerdigh BAD24Merk_BAD24 Continue reading “The swimsuit 2016: Part 2”

The swimsuit 2016: Part 1

Merk_BAD24Finally, I’m summoned up the courage to tackle this swimsuit (a.k.a. togs).  It has only taken 4 years, but I think it will be worth the wait.  The pattern is Merckwaerdigh BAD 24.  I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.  It is very distinctive and I was particularly attracted to the version with the stripes on the band.  So, way back then, I found some funky striped fabric in black and white and had it shipped across the pond.


I also ordered the pattern along with some other lingerie supplies from ELingeriA.  They sent me the Dutch language version instead on the English.  Normally this isn’t a problem, having used KnipMode patterns for many years, I was getting to understand enough of what I was reading to be able to put things together.  The pattern pieces have different markings for the notches so it is very easy to work out how the pieces go together.  But on this one, I was having trouble working out where and when the elastic is applied.  Each year, I’d get the pattern out and then get nervous about doing the elastic wrong.  Summer would pass by and nothing would have happened.

So while the temperatures here are hovering around 40°C and my boardshorts just finished, I’m determined to get the project off the ground. Continue reading “The swimsuit 2016: Part 1”