Weaving progress and Wall to Wall Festival

The weaving for my top is going well.  I’m about half way through and it is looking really good so far.  I’ve been chipping away at it, half an hour to an hour at a time.  Just enjoying throwing the shuttle back and forth.  Relaxing, almost mesmerizing.

Initially, I was having trouble with the lattice pattern ( 18 sequence pattern).  For some reason I would treadle the second block incorrectly and not notice until I’d woven an inch or two.  Lots of un-weaving or cutting threads out.  I switched the treadle tie-up on treadles 2 & 5 so that I was treading the pattern picks for the first block all on the left treadles and the second block all on the right.  Once done, I hardly made any mistakes.  Just the occasional “forgetting where I’m up to”  when DH asked a question.  He got used to me starting the conversation with the pick number.. ” 8-left!  Remember that. ” then on with the conversation, ending with ” did I say 8-left?” Continue reading “Weaving progress and Wall to Wall Festival”

Weaving: Huck lace sampler

This summer I’d like to weave and sew a lacy top. One of my first weaving projects as a silk scarf woven in huck lace and plain weave. It was so delicate. I am always intrigued with lace weaves; by how the threads shift once the cloth is off the loom and washed.

For my top, my first idea was to have a plain or textured weave for the main body, and then a second more open weave on the yoke. But first, I was a good girl, and have done a sampler of different huck weaves to see how they look, rather than diving straight in.

For the same threading, I played with 13 or 14 different patterns, depending on the treadling. I also played with using a contrast colour for the weft – to see how it looked and also to free up some bobbins from previous projects.

So here are some of the highlights from the sampler – with photos on the loom and after washing so you can see the difference.

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Weaving: Canasta scarf finished

What a difference a little colour makes!

My initial sample for this scarf was really dull and lifeless so I’ve made a couple of changes.

Where I had the white & grey stripes, I’ve added in space dyed yarn – a mixture of deep green with orange and lime highlights. Continue reading “Weaving: Canasta scarf finished”

Weaving: Starting a new scarf

After all the work I’ve been doing on pant drafting, I’ve decided to start a new weaving project before I try to draft out a pair of jeans.

The weaving group is doing a “weaving canasta”.  You draw 5 cards from a deck, each with a different weaving requirement.  Then you make something using those 5 requirements.  My second card had ‘satin weave’ and since I only have 4 shafts, I was able to replace it. Yay!

So my cards are… Continue reading “Weaving: Starting a new scarf”

Iro Jacket Knock-Off: Part 1

Iro jacket
Iro jacket

I’m working on a knock-off of this jacket by Iro.   Part of the appeal was the waffle fabric.  The fabric I am going to use is hand-woven, a honeycomb weave, to have a similar texture to the original, but not as bulky.
The first jacket I tried weaving fabric for, I ended throwing out because my weaving wasn’t even. It was an expensive mistake so I’m taking a lot more care with this one ( and using much cheaper yarn) Continue reading “Iro Jacket Knock-Off: Part 1”

Silk Python Scarves

Handwoven Magazine May/June 2015 Photo: Longthread Media website
Recently a good friend lent me an 8-shaft table loom for a bit of a play.  I’m normally limited to 4-shafts so I decided to make the most of it.  The scarf pattern, by David Wismar, is the one shown on the cover of  May/June 2015 edition of Handwoven magazine.
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‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Finish with a scarf

Since my SWAP wardrobe was inspired by the colours in a skein of yarn, I should show you the finished scarf.  After a few wrong turns learning experiences, the end result was a featherweight scarf that really showed up the colour variations in the dying.  Continue reading “‘Start with a skein’ SWAP: Finish with a scarf”