Sewing in a heatwave

I think the weather forecast for the next few days says it all. Thankfully it will only last a couple more days before it cools down to the mid 30’s. The overnight temperatures really sap my energy. It is a good excuse to stay inside during the afternoons, put the fan on and sew; preferably small lacy things.

Forecast for the next few days

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Simple sewing : Two knit Tees

Time for some easy sewing projects. This time it is two t-shirts. The first is from my self-drafted relaxed fit t-shirt pattern. The second is a variation on a boat-neck t-shirt from Knipmode.

Before I go any further, I’d like to say a big thank-you to those of you who voted or commented on the design for my knitting project.  The result was overwhelmingly for the V-neck with a short length.  I’ve started the armhole shaping on the back.  With a bit of luck I’ll have a finished jumper to show in the autumn. (I’m a very slow knitter). Continue reading “Simple sewing : Two knit Tees”

A knitwear design experiment

You have to love a Victorian spring.  35oC one day, snowing on the mountains the next.  Considering the summer we are likely to get, I relished the cool weather while it lasted. Today is back up to 37, but the brief reprieve got me thinking about starting a jumper (sweater) for next winter.

I’m a very slow knitter so if I start now, it might be ready in time.  I’ve only completed three jumpers even though I’ve probably started at least a dozen, maybe more.  I tend to lose interest when I realise that it either won’t fit or won’t suit me.  The crazy thing is that I still just pick a pattern from a book and knit as directed.  If it was a sewing project that I’d be spending so much time on, I’d be doing a few sketches and working out what alterations I needed before hand. Continue reading “A knitwear design experiment”

DIY kayak spray skirt and half deck

In theory, this should be an easy project.  A couple of seams, seam-sealed, elastic tunnel on the edges… project done.  Too minor snags – no pattern and I don’t have access to the kayak I’m making it for.  Plus as they weren’t for me, extra pressure to get it right. Continue reading “DIY kayak spray skirt and half deck”

Self drafted cycling jersey and bib shorts

I’ve been wanting to draft my own pattern for cycling shorts for years.  And I’m not talking about leggings here.  Real bike shorts designed to work with the shape of your leg while cycling, not standing.  I decided to go the whole hog and draft a pattern for bib shorts as well as a raglan jersey.  Here’s the story…. Continue reading “Self drafted cycling jersey and bib shorts”

Self-drafted Convertible Hiking Pants

A while ago, I made a knock-off  of The North Face Raven shorts.  The colour has faded but they are still in high rotation in my summer wardrobe. When I made them, I had plans of making a second version and adjusting the gusset design a little.  That was back in 2012.  It’s now 2018 and I’m finally getting around to that project. Continue reading “Self-drafted Convertible Hiking Pants”

DIY kayak spray skirt

Today’s project is a replacement for the spray skirt for the TK1. The current skirt came with the kayak when I bought it some 20 years ago. It was second hand then and already a veteran of a few Murray Marathons.   It has served it’s owners well but  has now mostly delaminated and parts of the waist casing have split. Continue reading “DIY kayak spray skirt”

Embroidered owl and Giraffe stencil tees

eye detail

Lately I’ve been thinking about making an Alabama Chanin style top.  The idea came to me as I wanted to make the asymmetric top in a recent Knipmode mag, but couldn’t find matching plain and print fabrics.  So it  would be a good excuse to make my own print or embellished fabrics.  I’ve always wanted to make an AC style garment.  But I’m not sure if I can actually pull it off.  Partly because I live in a rural area, and I don’t want to look like I’ve just stepped out of the paddock in my ripped ‘mufties’.  The other reason, I’m hesitant is that I adore good craftsmanship and some of the AC techniques look a little rough ‘n’ ready.  So the question is,  how to make arty and not like I lost a fight with the lawnmower?

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Designer Knock-off: Balmain Biker Pant

The third type of pant drafted from the sloper I made is a cigarette pant style. I’ve used the Balmain Biker pants as the inspiration.

Balmain Biker Pant (Source

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